Keeping it Fresh

It’s always exciting to us when we can offer you something fresh and new, and give you an extra reason to come visit us at the manor. We know that Deep Creek Vintage is full of your favorite vendors. And now we’re happy to welcome two more on board!

With a touch of whimsy, the Altered Piece is a vendor focused on mixed media. These pieces truly speak with their positive messages and quotes. They make great additions to the home or office to bring a touch of personality, and would also work well for incorporating into rustic wedding themes.

19490069_10158794356185307_1591443760_o.jpg   19495700_10158794356175307_1540989987_o.jpg

This N That Finds is already gaining popularity with her great fashionable pieces. These clothes are both comfortable and trendy, and with their great price point, are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. These vintage-inspired pieces and accessories are easy to love!

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Come by soon to check out the new vendors, and to see what your favorite vendors have in store for you! We’re working hard to restock from our birthday celebration and make sure we always have plenty for you to choose from. Come see us soon at the manor! We’re currently open Sunday – Tuesday and Thursday – Saturday. If you haven’t been by lately, it’s a great day for a drive!


A Room with a View

If you haven’t been by the manor house lately, you are in for some surprises. We are moving full steam ahead on the cottage behind us. While you might not be able to tell a big difference yet from the outside (apart from the arrival of our new feathered friends who are residing in their fabulous new coops), the inside doesn’t even look like the same building. Walls have been repaired, painted, and floors completely redone. Stay tuned for a look inside as we continue to make progress. One of the wonderful things about the addition of the cottage is that we have been able to move our storage room from the manor house into the cottage.  We love that when we are standing in the front room, we can now look down and see clear to the other side of the house.  13446030_10156959920745307_825945331_o

The extra light that this lets through makes such a huge difference! The shop feels more spacious and airy. We love the change. But that’s not the only one! Looking for the jewelry that resided under the stairs? You’ll have to venture down the hall, because it has moved to the old paint room, and now has a lot more light. 13446258_10156959920205307_318287987_o

So that poses the question: What is in the old storage  room? Well, one of our vendors moved from upstairs. You can now get your boho vibe on in this spacious room. 13442045_10156959920170307_1026007826_o

And one of our favorite changes? Paint galore! Our paint selection is now displayed so that you have room to browse all the products. Each line is separated, and the colors are easy to find. We love how open it is.

13460928_10156959919935307_366359012_o   13460984_10156959920075307_252436840_o13460986_10156959920010307_222978002_o

Come see for yourself all the changes we’re making! Or better yet, come be a part of them! Now that we have more space, we have a limited availability for vendors to join in the fun at Deep Creek Vintage. Several new vendors have already joined us, and you’ll be meeting them soon. If you’re interested in learning how you can be a part of the manor house, stop by. And if you would rather stay a customer, stop by. We’d love to show you all that’s new in a house that’s anything but. See you soon at the manor house! Don’t forget we’re open seven days a week, and it’s always a great time to spend a little time shopping.

On the horizon

It has been said that a rolling stone gathers no moss.  Over at Deep Creek Vintage we always seem to be in the middle of a rock stampede. But what fun is it to remain stagnant? As we move forward in the business, we learn what areas our customers rely on and we focus on them. We make changes, and tweak things to improve. We also learn what our customer base is looking for that we  are not currently able to provide, and we spend time researching if this is something we can do, and do well. Curious yet? Good. Because we have some news about exciting things on the horizon for Deep Creek Vintage.

What’s first? For many of our customers, dealing with helping a family member move to a new phase of life, such as an assisted living environment, is something that can prove to be not only stressful, but also extremely time consuming. Some don’t know where to begin, and the process is just overwhelming. We are happy that we are now able to help. Introducing Deep Creek Vintage Estate Services, where we help take some of the burden off your shoulders. We will come to the residence, help process the items, prepare them for the sale, and hold the estate sale for you. We know how hard this process can be, and we want to help our customers in any way we can.

That’s not the only exciting news for Deep Creek Vintage. Soon we will be adding a “new” building to the property. Located directly behind the manor house is an old cottage, in sad shape. It reminds us a lot of what the manor looked like when it was originally taken over. But, with a lot of TLC and hard work, we know that it can be made wonderful. Soon you will see lots of changes happening in this house, as it eventually becomes home to the studio, and we will be able to have lots of storage move here, too.

13275279_10156853439895307_1277211657_o   13234938_10156853440120307_1539499886_o   13262311_10156853440055307_1766790148_o   13271811_10156853439580307_125025304_o   13275018_10156853439545307_1339106134_o

What else does this mean? Well, as we move some of our storage out of the manor, it means that spaces will be freed up for new vendors to come in. So if you have been considering becoming a vendor here, contact us now and find out more information!

We’re  excited about all the wonderful things that are coming. And we’re happy that it means even more ways that we can cater to our customers. In the meantime, you’ll see us plugging along to continue to bring you more of the wonderful things you’ve come to expect at Deep Creek. Stop by today to see all the new pieces, and if you are interested in joining our team, or learning more about our estate services, just contact us.  See you soon at the manor!

Start Making Room!

In only two week, we will be holding Spring Market Days at Deep Creek Vintage!  We are so excited because it has been some time since we did an outdoor market, and this is our biggest to date.  As of right now, we not only have tents ready to wrap around the front of the building, but the response to this event was such that we’re filling the side yard, too!

Is it just the vendors of Deep Creek Vintage participating?  No, although they’ve been stocking up to bring you even more of the amazing things you have come to love from them.  We have lots of new friends joining us for this event.  We have a wonderful welder who makes some really great garden creations, among other pieces.  We know our customers love their garden art!

butterflies shoevel

In addition to all the amazing antique, vintage, and collectible pieces our house vendors are bringing, we have other great vendors bringing even more for you to pick from!  While the selection is ever changing, you will be sure to find a hidden gem…or two….or three.

camera  stool

Looking for gifts?  We’ll have those!  From handmade jewelry to handmade pens, you’ll find many local artisans showing their wares.  Even handmade soaps for those looking for a little extra pampering.


So what does this mean for you?  Time to get ready!  Mark your calendars because this is an event you won’t want to miss!  Call your favorite shopping friends and plan to spend the day at Deep Creek Vintage.  But drive separately because you’ll need the space in your car for all the treasure you’ll want to bring home.  An event like this does not come along often, so don’t miss it.  And if I were you, I would get here as soon as we open to make sure you have the best selection.

DCV Spring Market Days

Spring Market Days are April 30 – May 1, and we’re even opening a little early on Saturday at 9am so you have more time to shop!  Make your list now of what you are hoping to find, and we’ll see you soon!

A Peek Inside

One thing that remains constant is change.  We love that this can be said about the shop.  Many of our vendors have been switching around their spaces, and some have combined forces to create whole new rooms for you to browse.  We have added new vendors, and are loving the way that the shop has a fresh new look.  Have you been by recently?  If not, you might want a little glimpse inside to see all the reasons you need to schedule a trip!

From prim and rustic to farmhouse fun, the front room is full of not just furniture, but lots of fun collectible pieces, too.  It’s a great place to spend some time hunting.


Nestled in the sun room is Snow Creek Farm, a Fredericksburg favorite for all things chippy and quaint.  From garden decor to adorable assemblages, hers is always a spot to linger a little longer.


The newest triple threat combines The Swanky Seahorse, Cate’s Boutique, and Shabby Chicken.  From furniture pieces with an industrial twist to those painted in bolder hues, and quirky vintage finds that will add a special touch to any room, this room presents bolder choices and fun additions that may be just what you’ve been looking for.


Across the hall is one of the newest vendors to join Deep Creek Vintage, The Wandering Geranium.  Already customers are falling in love with her chippy style and upcycled creations.  The cubbies full of special treasures are always quite the temptation.


Tempted yet?  Good.  I’d love to show you all of their spaces, but it’s more fun to see in person.  And think, these are just four of the rooms inside the house, but remember the Manor is a grand old lady and she is full of space.  We’ll look at some of the other vendors next week.  Can’t wait?  Guess you’ll have to make a trip to see us!  Don’t forget we’re open seven days a week.  Can’t wait to see you soon and show you all the changes we’ve made!

Let’s Make a Market

It’s time to start preparations for our spring market!  We are planning another fun outdoor event to be held the weekend of April 30-May 1.  Already we have several exciting new vendors signing up to join us, and some of our resident Deep Creek Vintage vendors have started stockpiling to make sure they have plenty of treasures to tempt the crowds!

We are determined to make this event even bigger this year, which means we need your help!  How?  Well, there are three easy ways.


First, we are looking for talented vendors to join us for a weekend of market fun.  We are searching for those who specialize in antiques, vintage finds, collectibles, and handcrafted pieces.  Is this you?  We have 10×10  spaces available at $50, which covers your space for the entire weekend, and a few larger spaces available upon request.  But, you have to contact us if you are interested!


Second, spread the word!  Do you have friends who might be interested in participating?  Send them our way!  And make sure they tell us you sent them.  Each person who refers a vendor will be entered into a raffle to win a special gift as our way of saying thank you!  We know that you have talented friends.  Tell them about this event, about the shop you love, and about why they need to be a part of it!

anniversary3          anniversary1

Third, mark your calendars!  You don’t want to miss out on a fun event, or a time to come support some great local businesses, artists, and vendors.  So April 30 – May 1 make sure you make plans to spend the weekend at Deep Creek Vintage!

Want to learn more, or are you interested in becoming a vendor?  Simply e-mail us at and let us know!  Spaces are reserved as soon as your application is approved and your space is paid in full, and are limited, so don’t wait!  We’re already thinking spring….aren’t you?!

Ch ch Changes…Want to be a part of them?

Sometimes change is bad.  Sometimes it’s scary.  Things are changing here at Deep Creek Vintage, but it’s exciting!  The building that our store occupies has been purchased by a new owner, who knows that sometimes a little maintenance can go a long way.  And, sometimes what makes a house charming can also make it difficult to run a business inside.  So, we are preparing for some improvements to Deep Creek Vintage.  Some have already started.  Some will be be happening soon.  Curious?


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