Springing into Summer

One of the most wonderful things about spring and summer is the new life you will find everywhere! Our feathered friends are busily preparing their nests, to soon be filled with chirping little babies. Garden are being pruned with care for the new buds that have already begun to spring up. And here at Deep Creek Vintage, we’re switching things around to bring new life to the space.


We had such a wonderful time at Vintage Market Days, and we’ve been working hard to refill the spaces left barren after so many of you came out to support us. And, our vendors are switching it up to keep it fresh. Many you will now find in new spaces as some have grown to accommodate more of your favorite things.

Our front room is lightened up and looking farmhouse fresh. Whether you’re looking for larger items to anchor the room, or accessories to add those finishing touches, come peruse our selection.


Looking to add feminine flair? With French accents, scrolling lines, and light hues, this space has been updated and is the perfect room for ladylike luxury.


The boutique has relocated and now incorporates a boho vibe. Whether you are looking for a stylish new look, or a place to store it, this is a fun room to spend some time.


For fun and quirky vintage nostalgia, this room upstairs is now full of tiny treasures and fun decor. Stop in and take a trip down memory lane.


Some come on in and check us out! We’ll be open this Memorial Day weekend, and know many of you will be enjoying an extra day off from work. Come spend it with us! See you soon at the manor. Remember we’re open Monday and Friday – Saturday from 10-5, Sunday from 11-4. Have a wonderful weekend!

Trends for 2017

The new year is well underway, and with it, there will always be new trends in home decor. So what is 2017 already showing to be hot? And how can you easily bring this year’s best trends into your home? Let’s take a look!

As for color, green is expected to be popular again. That’s wonderful to hear, because it’s one of our favorites here! If you’re looking to take on a painting project, all of our paint lines carry great shades of green, from rich kelly greens to bright farmhouse hues. And if you’re looking for some vintage accents, we have wonderful pops of color for you, as well! Green has always been popular for those who love the rustic look, but it’s also great for glassware. No matter how you choose to incorporate it, we can help!

16930958_10158174820980307_163062481_o   16990307_10158174821615307_664377661_o


As for metals, copper is back! We know that it’s easy to add a touch of elegance with copper, and homeowners are realizing they love the look, too! From copper molds to fabulous pieces to decorate the mantle, you can’t go wrong with this fabulous metal.


Farmhouse still tops the lists of styles people are gravitating to, and it’s no wonder with a style that’s not only comfortable to live with, but easy to personalize. It’s a great way to add in solid pieces made to stand the test of time, but also incorporate a little whimsy into your decor.

16990692_10158174821465307_1348910355_o    16930998_10158174821105307_1155581521_o

What trends have you noticed? What is your favorite? We’d love to help you give your decor a little boost! Come in today and see what’s “new” in the shop. We’re open six days a week, and it’s a beautiful time to take a drive. See you soon at the manor!


Gearing Up for Fall

Summer is coming to an end. Some schools have already gone back to school, and others will be joining shortly. As much as we love summer here, there’s something nice about the approaching fall. Temperatures will drop, people will be able to get back on schedule, and we’ll be getting ready for our fall harvest season. Some vendors have already begun to make the switch. Autumn tones are popping up all over. It’s a great time to switch up the decor of your home. So what are the design trends expected to be big into 2017? Well, let’s take a look.


Expect bolder colors to come back. Jewel tones are expected to be big, both as pops of color and as stand-alone pieces. Look for darker green and shades of wine to be among the most popular. Black and white are expected to be popular as well, with greys and metal tones claiming their spots in what is trending as well. How can you add these to your existing decor? By incorporating soft pieces, sheers and silk are expected, you can incorporate these bolder pieces in to your design.

14037962_10157232622350307_1659783974_o    14045166_10157232624580307_2011695974_o14060330_10157232621650307_1405978174_o    14087664_10157232622315307_1126466862_o

Industrial pieces and burnished metals are expected to be popular, which is good news for those who have already been incorporating them into their homes. What better place to find industrial pieces than Deep Creek Vintage, where we have items that fit the trend while adding a touch of history and interest to your home.

14087711_10157232621355307_383975084_o   14075157_10157232623595307_642214539_o

For those who love that brings the outside inside, this is expected to remain a trend. Natural textures like wicker, bamboo, and wood grain are looking to show up as a design hit.

14045291_10157232622170307_323997342_o     14074997_10157232622810307_2060942557_o

As bolder colors surface, expect to see playful designs and geometric shapes. Repurposed pieces are also expected to be popular, which we have in spades. It’s always wonderful to see new ways that our vendors use vintage pieces, and the different ways these can be transformed.

14074469_10157232621960307_1178413778_o  14060167_10157232622470307_151839077_o

No matter which trend speaks to you, visit Deep Creek Vintage to help find the pieces that will fit in with your grand plan. With so many unique vendors, we are able to offer a great variety in merchandise. Can’t wait to see you at the manor house!