End of Summer Extravaganza

Have Labor Day plans? If not, you do now! We’re planning an End of Summer Extravaganza! We need to clear room to get ready for fall, but we need your help! So what does that mean? Well, it means that this weekend is the perfect time to beat the heat and come to the Manor House to find the perfect piece that’s just calling your name.

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We’re going to have special prices on several pieces, but we can’t guarantee they will last long! Some of our vendors are joining in the fun with specials and new pieces just in time for the holiday. We know you’re ready for a change in your home. Come find it at Deep Creek Vintage!


We’ve added new things to the porch, and to the shop, and we’re ready for you to shop till you drop! So come on out and join us at the Manor House, and see why once you shop here, you don’t need to go anywhere else.

The sun is shining!

Lately there has been this weird yellow glow in the sky.  It’s warm, and bright, and bounces off everything it touches. And we are loving it!  The sun is out, and with it, warmer temperatures. Kids are outside playing, the plants that people labored over are finally showing growth and new blooms, and we are all enjoying a break from the rain, no matter how short-lived it may be.


So what are you big plans for the weekend? For many, it’s a longer weekend as businesses close to give a moment to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. If your family is anything like my family, longer weekends mean attacking a project from the to-do list. Are you looking to redecorate a room in your home? Or maybe you’ve been itching to finally get a piece painted this weekend, and are ready to grab the supplies you need.  Or, you just want to enjoy the weekend with some leisurely shopping.  Lucky for you we’re open all weekend and have lots of new pieces, and new vendors who are working hard to get their space ready for you to shop!

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So whatever the reason you find yourself headed for Deep Creek Vintage this weekend, don’t worry because we’re working to get the store ready to come shop your hearts out!  See you soon at the Manor house! And enjoy the sunshine.

On the horizon

It has been said that a rolling stone gathers no moss.  Over at Deep Creek Vintage we always seem to be in the middle of a rock stampede. But what fun is it to remain stagnant? As we move forward in the business, we learn what areas our customers rely on and we focus on them. We make changes, and tweak things to improve. We also learn what our customer base is looking for that we  are not currently able to provide, and we spend time researching if this is something we can do, and do well. Curious yet? Good. Because we have some news about exciting things on the horizon for Deep Creek Vintage.

What’s first? For many of our customers, dealing with helping a family member move to a new phase of life, such as an assisted living environment, is something that can prove to be not only stressful, but also extremely time consuming. Some don’t know where to begin, and the process is just overwhelming. We are happy that we are now able to help. Introducing Deep Creek Vintage Estate Services, where we help take some of the burden off your shoulders. We will come to the residence, help process the items, prepare them for the sale, and hold the estate sale for you. We know how hard this process can be, and we want to help our customers in any way we can.

That’s not the only exciting news for Deep Creek Vintage. Soon we will be adding a “new” building to the property. Located directly behind the manor house is an old cottage, in sad shape. It reminds us a lot of what the manor looked like when it was originally taken over. But, with a lot of TLC and hard work, we know that it can be made wonderful. Soon you will see lots of changes happening in this house, as it eventually becomes home to the studio, and we will be able to have lots of storage move here, too.

13275279_10156853439895307_1277211657_o   13234938_10156853440120307_1539499886_o   13262311_10156853440055307_1766790148_o   13271811_10156853439580307_125025304_o   13275018_10156853439545307_1339106134_o

What else does this mean? Well, as we move some of our storage out of the manor, it means that spaces will be freed up for new vendors to come in. So if you have been considering becoming a vendor here, contact us now and find out more information!

We’re  excited about all the wonderful things that are coming. And we’re happy that it means even more ways that we can cater to our customers. In the meantime, you’ll see us plugging along to continue to bring you more of the wonderful things you’ve come to expect at Deep Creek. Stop by today to see all the new pieces, and if you are interested in joining our team, or learning more about our estate services, just contact us.  See you soon at the manor!

April showers bring…May showers?

Remember when the sun was shining?  Supposedly it’s coming back.  We’re not sure when, but we’re hoping.  While this might be great weather for all that landscaping that we’ve recently planted, it doesn’t have us feeling chipper when we leave our houses each morning to another grey sky.  But you know what perks us up?  Shopping.  So we’ve been out picking to bring you even more options.  And it was perfect timing, too, since many of our rooms were wiped out during Market Days.  Need a little retail therapy yourself to cheer yourself?  Let me show you a few reasons you might want to make plans to visit us at Deep Creek Vintage…

Looking for a great storage piece for your kitchen, or to create a bar? We have some options that are fresh in.

13214894_10156827313540307_96638214_o     13225029_10156827312200307_1576969470_o

What about a bedroom looking for a special touch?  We have a few colors, several styles, and

13235063_10156827312425307_1093230790_o     13224114_10156827313025307_635763210_o

Have someone who will be soon be graduating in your family?  A desk makes a wonderful gift as they transition to their next chapter, and we have great options.

13223502_10156827312325307_1152597181_o     13112670_10156827312050307_1654095868_o13234954_10156827313235307_1928927441_o     13224192_10156827589000307_1497118582_o

And of course, we have to show your some of our hottest sellers, vanities and buffets. They never last long!

13230937_10156827312955307_588811812_o     13230752_10156827312805307_1369600279_o

No matter your tastes, no matter your style, Deep Creek Vintage has something for everyone.  So don’t worry that it’s another dreary day because we have nothing but sun shining inside.  Come spend some time with us, and check out all the newest pieces.  Can’t wait to see you soon at the Manor House!  Don’t forget we’re open seven days a week, so no matter when you need some retail therapy, we’re here to help.

Come Rain or Shine

Last weekend we held our biggest market to date, and we had so many wonderful vendors join us!  We loved the wide variety of items that they brought and added to the vendors from inside the manor house.  We might have picked up a few goodies ourselves.  It was so wonderful to have so many local artists, craftsmen, and creators on the grounds sharing their businesses with our customers.

Did you miss the main event?  Well, unfortunately it will be a little while before our next market, so you will have to settle for a few snapshots of all the wonders we had on the grounds.  And with over twenty spots filled, there were quite a few to see!


For those who enjoyed a feminine touch, there was quite a selection.  From upcycled teacups to fairy gardens, oohs and aahs were heard frequently as people found treasures they had to have.


For those who preferred the beauty of wood, we had an artisan of handcrafted pens and wine stoppers (and magic wands!) that were truly gorgeous.

penmarket   winemarket

For those looking for a little self pampering, we had several options.  Lotions, soaps, even beard oil for the men.  And everything smelled amazing!soapmarket

Right outside the front door we had a vendor that we still are hearing people talk about, a welder who creates the most amazing yard art and home decor using horse shoes and other metal pieces.  We’re always a fan of creative thinking here at Deep Creek Vintage.


And of course several of our own vendors added to their already amazing selection in the manor by setting the stage outside.  We are thrilled with the talent we are able to offer our customers daily, and love when we can expand on it to fill the field.


And to think that this is just a small sampling of the vendors.  Plus all the amazing things in the house…well, it’s a wonder that I didn’t buy more.  But I did find a ton of great gifts.  And maybe some things for me.  Maybe.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our Market Days celebration!  We loved having you, appreciated all the compliments, loved seeing some of our old friends, and loved all of the new friends we made!  Oh, but whoever invited the rain on Sunday, that was not appreciated.  But we are so thankful for everyone who came out despite the wet weather and made a day of it!  Can’t wait to see you back again, and don’t worry because our vendors have already restocked their rooms with lots of great merchandise.  Come see us again soon!




Farm Fresh

It’s no surprise to us that farmhouse is a trend that is sticking in antique shops.  It’s a fun style that is easy to add to your home, and for families to live with on a daily basis.  Whether it’s farm tables that can seat your family with ease, or old cabinets and the instruments often found within, farm fresh often flies right off the shelves here at Deep Creek Vintage.  So what is farmhouse style?  Well, it was born from the farms where people used the elements they had around them to decorate.  It shows a love of land, and a love of community.  It’s simple, often with DIY elements.  Think about using things that would be found in a rural community.  How can you create a farmhouse look in your house?  Here are some easy tips that help you to create the style you are looking to achieve.

Add Rustic Touches


Galvanized tin is so popular when it comes to decorating.  Metal baskets, too.  Think of some industrial pieces that you can add in as well.  It’s always fun to see what you can come up with to make your home less stuffy and more comfy.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

12980714_10156700313390307_210128988_o   12986589_10156700313140307_1196412472_o

Mason jars aren’t just for canning.  They can be used on your countertop to become vases, or on your sink to hold your cotton balls.  Have a great salvage piece?  Turn it into wall decor.  Rake heads can become racks, and old pots can become planters.  Get creative!

Country Colors

12970619_10156700312760307_1660987832_o    12959368_10156700172765307_1232690148_o

Chippy white, warm yellows, and other soft bright colors help bring your farmhouse to life.  Think sage green, and other colors that are found whenever you walk outside.  Barn red is always a hit, because there is nothing that says farm fresh like bringing real barn colors into your home.  No need to worry about pristine finishes.  Chippy is just fine!

Open Shelving

12980945_10156700173305307_710436990_o  12970402_10156700172875307_2048231785_o

Display your wares with open shelves!  Have a collection of ironstone?  Old bottles?  Show them off!  Whether it’s an old cubby that can be mounted for design and storage or a china cabinet with the door removed, allow a feeling of openness to show in your home.

Wood Touches

1 main12986810_10156700172630307_974847377_o

Barn wood is so popular, and so many people love furniture that shows it was made by hand.  Add those wood elements that show craftsmanship.

Bring the Outside In


Think shutters, barn doors, old window sashes, and even more architectural salvage pieces that bring a little of the outside charm inside.  Don’t stop there.  Bring in flowers, potted plants, and herbs to warm up the space.

But where can you find all this?!  Well, We can’t promise we have everything you need to create your dream farmhouse, but we have a lot of the pieces you need for a good start.  Come see us today and see what we have in store for you at the Manor House.  Visit us seven days a week!

Fresh off the truck…

Could the weather this week have been any more perfect?  It is impossible to be anything but happy when the sun is shining on your face and the temperature is short sleeve worthy.  I am sure that I am not the only one who took the opportunity to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in.

It seems our customers have been enjoying the gorgeous days, too, as the door is constantly opening to let in faces that we haven’t seen in a while, and new visitors who are taking day trips to get out and explore.  Luckily for them, the shopping begins before they even walk through the door.  The front porch currently can’t contain all the treasures and has spilled into the yard with chippy metal fun, fresh off a picking trip all up and down the east coast and even a little to the west.  One thing we can guarantee is these pieces won’t stay long. Curious?

Well, the front porch is always full of fun things, and a great place to find both garden treasures and pieces that lean a little more to the rustic side.  Here’s a little glimpse of what is currently there…although there is no telling how long it will be there.

12825610_10156542561975307_889548223_n  12833383_10156542560655307_505721413_n

12834522_10156542559945307_1855673290_n  1931954_10156542560470307_596706469_n

But that’s only the porch….that doesn’t include all the amazing new arrivals.  Benches?  Check.  We even have new rain gauges!  And they’re beyond cute.  Looking for a shabby chic plant stand?  Two levels or three?  Because we have those, too.  Need an armillary?  Because we have them.  Tables for your patio.  Got that, too.  But they are already leaving, and quickly.  So if you are looking to enjoy this beautiful weather with some new additions to your outdoor living space, you probably want to get here quickly.

12822157_10156542560390307_1855936488_n    12825198_10156542560265307_815743059_n  12822047_10156542560230307_741322527_n    10622019_10156542560105307_1858484077_n

We’re here seven days a week, and ready to help you find your next “wow” piece.  Come see why customers have been loading up their cars all days long and leaving with smiles on their faces.  See you soon at the manor house!