Fredericksburg’s Best Kept Secret

We’re always amazed at how many new people walk through our front door each week, shocked to hear that we’ve been in business for almost four years. We can always spot new visitors because they walk in and their jaws drop. Many stop dead in their tracks. And we hear quite frequently, “How did I not know you were here?” While we might be slightly hidden on the hill, we certainly don’t want that to stop people from knowing about us! There is a lot to love about Deep Creek Vintage.

If grand old houses are something the pique your curiosity, then put Deep Creek on your list of places to visit. Did you know that portions of the house date back to 1750? There is a lot of history within these walls. From the original mantles to the exposed brick,this grand old lady has stood the test of time. We even give ghost tours from time to time, where more of the history of the house is given. Come join us for one…if you dare.

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So beyond the house, why should you know about Deep Creek Vintage? Well, we’ve filled all 5000 square feet with amazing finds, treasures you won’t find anywhere else, supplies for the DIY fan, and so much more! We’re more than just your average antique store. One thing that our customers continue to rave about are our wonderful price points that make things accessible. We want you to be able to leave with a special find each time you walk through the door.

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We’re so thankful for all the wonderful customers we have found during these four years, and for each one of you who has found us, and told a friend. If you have yet to come in, come see for yourselves what makes Deep Creek Vintage different. We’d love for you to see one of Fredericksburg’s best kept secrets. We promise it will be the first of many trips!

Get to Know Deep Creek Vintage

The question we hear the most? “So when was this house built?”

What we now know as Deep Creek Vintage began as a single-family residence that was built around 1750.

“But was it a hotel? There are so many bathrooms!”

Like many homes of its age, the manor house was modified, added on to, and changed many times. And through those changes, its purpose evolved. It went from family home to bed and breakfast to motor lodge. At one point it was even a doll hospital.


“Is it haunted?” Well, that’s for you to find out. But we do give tours, complete with recordings that have been captured in the house, and a chance for you to ask questions during a recorded session as well. We expand on the history of the house during this tour, and private parties are welcome to schedule their own group events.

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Sadly at one point in its history, the manor house laid neglected and vacant. It fell into serious disrepair. When it was chosen as the location for Deep Creek Vintage over three years ago, a lot of work was put into creating the vision you now see today.

So what is Deep Creek Vintage? To start, it is a multi-vendor destination spot that provides customers a large selection of merchandise spanning all eras. One thing that makes Deep Creek Vintage special is the broad spectrum of vendors which allow us to have such great variety. From fabulous vintage finds and hand-painted buffets to handmade jewelry and soaps, We want to make sure that whatever our customers are looking for, we are able to provide.
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We are more than just a storefront, though. Deep Creek Vintage provides classes for those who want to embrace their creative sides. We also hold vintage markets where community vendors and artists are welcome to join us for the weekend to create an atmosphere of festive shopping. And our newest branch is Deep Creek Vintage Estate Services, where we take the stress out of transitioning to a new stage of life by preparing and holding estate sales for you.

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True to the Red, White, and Blue

Another month is here, but this one is special.  Tomorrow is July 4th, Independence Day.  In a store that embraces history, one of the greatest holidays for us is certainly one that marks the independence of this great nation.  We are lucky enough to be living in a city that can be found in history book after history book, and lessons of soldiers and battles can be learned on every corner.  We are proud of the wonderful country we live in, the people who have made it their lives’ work to protect it, and the people who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we often take for granted.


We are all collectors here at Deep Creek.  What we collect varies, and while we might not shop as much as we may like, it’s always fun to look through what another vendor has brought in, and ooh and aah over the pieces.  History is fun.  While sitting in a class listening to a lecture about a soldier fighting in World War I might not seem appealing to many, holding that soldier’s canteen in your hands suddenly makes it seem real.  It brings the stories to life.  That’s part of the attraction for many of us.  What we collect is where history comes to life and is something tangible.  The story unfolds before us in the object we hold.


When we think back over how our country has changed, we also think about how our lifestyles have changed.  While holidays are times to reflect, many of us reflect back everyday.  We collect the flour sifter because it reminds us of baking with grandma in her kitchen.  Maybe we collect old clothespins because we remember hanging the laundry on the line to dry.  Whatever the memory we are trying to preserve, or the reason that a particular item has struck a chord with us, we decide that an item from the past needs to remain in our present.


This Independence Day, remember the history of the great country we live in, and come visit us as Deep Creek Vintage.  Just take a look around at some treasures from the past that we think need to stick around a little longer.  Maybe there is a piece of Americana you will find strikes a chord with you.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July, and come visit us at the Manor House!

APC-Creative Freedom

Soo…..did you take the challenge?

In less than two weeks, we will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the jolly old soul and his team of reindeer. Which means for the next two weeks, I am frantically trying to make sure I get as much accomplished as I can to be ready. My trees are finally up, my cards are almost done, and I feel like I am finally making progress.


I can’t lie; some parts of the holiday I enjoy more than others. My favorite part hands down is shopping.  And, there are certainly people I enjoy shopping for more than others. But, I have had the most fun with trying to support local shops this year. I visited shops I had never been in before, and found some of the most charming places.  Instead of chain restaurants, I have been eating at local Mom&Pop type places.  What better way to end a day of shopping than with a great meal?  And the best part?  Many of them offer gift certificates you can make part of your gift giving as well.

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Some of my favorite shops are local, and they are on my yearly “must shop” list.  We still have to pick out our special ornaments for our children, and it’s nice that it’s a yearly tradition at a local shop now.  And, I of course have been shopping from the amazing vendors at Deep Creek Vintage.  What are my favorite parts about small, local businesses?  The sense of community is one.  Often the people who work here are the owners, and you get to know them.  The customer service is another.  They take the time to care.  These businesses were created by people who have a passion for what they are doing, and it shows.  The uniqueness is another.  Often you can find one-of-a-kind pieces, or things that you can’t find anywhere else.

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So have you taken the challenge to shop local this season?  We know many of you have because we have seen you at Deep Creek Vintage with your lists!  And we are so thankful!  If you haven’t started your shopping yet, it’s not too late.  We have plenty for everyone on your list, with more arriving everyday.  For those of you who have shopped local, please tell us about your favorite finds and your experiences!  Make shopping local part of your holiday tradition.  We hope to see you soon, and happy holidays from all of us at Deep Creek Vintage!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year!  We celebrated our first anniversary with a wonderful outdoor market.  Vendors joined us from Virginia and Maryland, bringing vintage and handmade goods.  We had everything from live edge cherry tables to hand sewn baby bibs.  We are so thankful to all the vendors who chose to support us, and to the customers who came out to see what treasures they could find.

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The two days past quickly, and the customers definitely seemed to enjoy all the new pieces in the Marketplace and Manor, as well as the wonderful pieces in the outdoor market.  Many customers even had to come back with trucks and trailers because they found so many goodies.

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It has been a wonderful year here at Deep Creek Vintage, and we could not have done it without all of you!  We are humbled by all the compliments you have paid, thankful for your support and patronage, and grateful that you continue to come back to Deep Creek Vintage and tell your friends!

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We can’t wait to see what the next year will hold, and can’t wait for the adventures to come.  Keep telling your friends about the treasures you find, and we hope to see you soon at the Manor House and the Marketplace!

Creating from a vision

If you talk to Fredericksburg locals, everyone remembers the Manor House of a different time. Those who have lived in the area for a long time remember the beauty. With its place of honor, it perched on the hill and was a stunner. Others remember the house as it began to fall into disrepair. A boarding house neglected by its occupants, the beauty began to fade. A year ago, the owners contemplated tearing it down. Luckily for us, there was also a different vision.

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Countless hours went into the cosmetic restoration on this majestic building. Floors were scraped, sanded, and stained. Drywall was patched, hung, and painted. The entire house was given a facelift, but the goal was to remain authentic to its history. Beams were intentionally left exposed because part of the charm of the Manor House lies beneath its walls.

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The age of this home is part of what makes it so amazing. With its original structure dating back to 1785, this house has always been an important part of Fredericksburg history. We needed to make sure that this history was respected when we focused on its future.

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Planning the look of the structure itself is only part of our story. Fredericksburg does not need another antique mall. What Fredericksburg does need is a destination shop where no matter your style or taste, you can find something you can’t live without. This was the vision for Deep Creek Vintage. Each vendor has been handpicked to help this vision. From shabby chic to traditional to a little quirky, they each have distinct styles and tastes. Vendors will have their own rooms to display these styles. Each room you enter will be different, but wonderful. They have formed a team, and are quickly putting together their areas in a way we know you will just love! We are sure that you will find your personal favorites, but we guarantee that each will speak to you.

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Now we must prepare for the day when the doors of the Manor House will once again be open to the public. We are so excited to embark on this journey! Our soft opening is right around the corner, and we could not be more thrilled to share our vision of Deep Creek Vintage.