Falling in Love with Fall

It seems like we blinked, and fall was here. All of a sudden the temperatures dropped, the winds picked up, and pumpkin spice was everywhere. And here at Deep Creek Vintage, we’re falling in love with fall!

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Our summer decor is switched out for the warm tones of autumn, and pumpkins and gourds are everywhere we look. This is one of our favorite seasons for decorating. And of course, Halloween will be here soon. It’s hard not to love Halloween, especially when your shop resides in a manor that if often home to more than just the customers and vendors.

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We love the golds, burnt oranges, maroons, and deep reds of harvest time. Don’t they just make you feel cozy, and ready to curl up by a fireplace with a comfy throw and a good book? Maybe it’s these happy thoughts that make us want to make sure our own homes are just as welcoming. When it’s chilly outside I know I love to be inside enjoying the comforts of home.


Looking to spruce up your home or give it that comfy, cozy fall look? Come see us at the manor and we can help! Our vendors are bringing in new things daily that will make your harvest look pop! And don’t forget our harvest market is right around the corner, October 15-16. You won’t want to miss it! Come visit us at the manor house. We’re open every day except Wednesday, and can’t wait to see you!

Gearing Up for Fall

Summer is coming to an end. Some schools have already gone back to school, and others will be joining shortly. As much as we love summer here, there’s something nice about the approaching fall. Temperatures will drop, people will be able to get back on schedule, and we’ll be getting ready for our fall harvest season. Some vendors have already begun to make the switch. Autumn tones are popping up all over. It’s a great time to switch up the decor of your home. So what are the design trends expected to be big into 2017? Well, let’s take a look.


Expect bolder colors to come back. Jewel tones are expected to be big, both as pops of color and as stand-alone pieces. Look for darker green and shades of wine to be among the most popular. Black and white are expected to be popular as well, with greys and metal tones claiming their spots in what is trending as well. How can you add these to your existing decor? By incorporating soft pieces, sheers and silk are expected, you can incorporate these bolder pieces in to your design.

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Industrial pieces and burnished metals are expected to be popular, which is good news for those who have already been incorporating them into their homes. What better place to find industrial pieces than Deep Creek Vintage, where we have items that fit the trend while adding a touch of history and interest to your home.

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For those who love that brings the outside inside, this is expected to remain a trend. Natural textures like wicker, bamboo, and wood grain are looking to show up as a design hit.

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As bolder colors surface, expect to see playful designs and geometric shapes. Repurposed pieces are also expected to be popular, which we have in spades. It’s always wonderful to see new ways that our vendors use vintage pieces, and the different ways these can be transformed.

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No matter which trend speaks to you, visit Deep Creek Vintage to help find the pieces that will fit in with your grand plan. With so many unique vendors, we are able to offer a great variety in merchandise. Can’t wait to see you at the manor house!







Get to Know Deep Creek Vintage

The question we hear the most? “So when was this house built?”

What we now know as Deep Creek Vintage began as a single-family residence that was built around 1750.

“But was it a hotel? There are so many bathrooms!”

Like many homes of its age, the manor house was modified, added on to, and changed many times. And through those changes, its purpose evolved. It went from family home to bed and breakfast to motor lodge. At one point it was even a doll hospital.


“Is it haunted?” Well, that’s for you to find out. But we do give tours, complete with recordings that have been captured in the house, and a chance for you to ask questions during a recorded session as well. We expand on the history of the house during this tour, and private parties are welcome to schedule their own group events.

ghost tours revised

Sadly at one point in its history, the manor house laid neglected and vacant. It fell into serious disrepair. When it was chosen as the location for Deep Creek Vintage over three years ago, a lot of work was put into creating the vision you now see today.

So what is Deep Creek Vintage? To start, it is a multi-vendor destination spot that provides customers a large selection of merchandise spanning all eras. One thing that makes Deep Creek Vintage special is the broad spectrum of vendors which allow us to have such great variety. From fabulous vintage finds and hand-painted buffets to handmade jewelry and soaps, We want to make sure that whatever our customers are looking for, we are able to provide.
Paris Room

We are more than just a storefront, though. Deep Creek Vintage provides classes for those who want to embrace their creative sides. We also hold vintage markets where community vendors and artists are welcome to join us for the weekend to create an atmosphere of festive shopping. And our newest branch is Deep Creek Vintage Estate Services, where we take the stress out of transitioning to a new stage of life by preparing and holding estate sales for you.

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Farm Fresh

It’s no surprise to us that farmhouse is a trend that is sticking in antique shops.  It’s a fun style that is easy to add to your home, and for families to live with on a daily basis.  Whether it’s farm tables that can seat your family with ease, or old cabinets and the instruments often found within, farm fresh often flies right off the shelves here at Deep Creek Vintage.  So what is farmhouse style?  Well, it was born from the farms where people used the elements they had around them to decorate.  It shows a love of land, and a love of community.  It’s simple, often with DIY elements.  Think about using things that would be found in a rural community.  How can you create a farmhouse look in your house?  Here are some easy tips that help you to create the style you are looking to achieve.

Add Rustic Touches


Galvanized tin is so popular when it comes to decorating.  Metal baskets, too.  Think of some industrial pieces that you can add in as well.  It’s always fun to see what you can come up with to make your home less stuffy and more comfy.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

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Mason jars aren’t just for canning.  They can be used on your countertop to become vases, or on your sink to hold your cotton balls.  Have a great salvage piece?  Turn it into wall decor.  Rake heads can become racks, and old pots can become planters.  Get creative!

Country Colors

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Chippy white, warm yellows, and other soft bright colors help bring your farmhouse to life.  Think sage green, and other colors that are found whenever you walk outside.  Barn red is always a hit, because there is nothing that says farm fresh like bringing real barn colors into your home.  No need to worry about pristine finishes.  Chippy is just fine!

Open Shelving

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Display your wares with open shelves!  Have a collection of ironstone?  Old bottles?  Show them off!  Whether it’s an old cubby that can be mounted for design and storage or a china cabinet with the door removed, allow a feeling of openness to show in your home.

Wood Touches

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Barn wood is so popular, and so many people love furniture that shows it was made by hand.  Add those wood elements that show craftsmanship.

Bring the Outside In


Think shutters, barn doors, old window sashes, and even more architectural salvage pieces that bring a little of the outside charm inside.  Don’t stop there.  Bring in flowers, potted plants, and herbs to warm up the space.

But where can you find all this?!  Well, We can’t promise we have everything you need to create your dream farmhouse, but we have a lot of the pieces you need for a good start.  Come see us today and see what we have in store for you at the Manor House.  Visit us seven days a week!

Spring Cleanout

The time changed, we have more daylight, and the sun is shining.  Today is a beautiful day and life is good!  We have thrown open the door here to let in the light, the warm air, and just enjoy it!  You know what that means?  Time for some spring cleaning!

Yes, at some point we will probably need to focus on wiping down the baseboards, airing out the curtains, and dusting from top to bottom.  But the spring cleaning I’m talking about can be a lot more fun.  I don’t think of it as spring cleaning as much as shopping prep.  Each spring, I like to go through my house and yes, clean, but also gather up things that I’m just tired of.  Things that no longer fit into my dream house vision.  I gather them up, and I get rid of them.  And that gives me space to go shopping for new things.


Have a yard sale!  It’s the perfect time for it.  Then you will not only be getting rid of what no longer fits into your vision, but you will have a little extra cash for those things that you have had your eye on.  Start small.  I focus on one area a day.  For a set time (say 15 minutes), I go through and just make a pile of everything that I no longer want.  And once  a week, I make a trip to donate it.  Why once a week?  So that I don’t talk myself into keeping it. If you are planning a yard sale, designate a place to store everything that is out of the way.  But make sure you stay on track.

It’s exciting to see all the extra space you find, and all the things that you find you have been holding on to “just because.”  And you will find that the more you do it, the easier it gets.  Once you have completely purged your home of all the things that you no longer want, you’ll be ready to create your dream scapes!  Come see us.  Did you find in your quests that you’re lacking organization?  We can help.  We have lots of great storage options, both conventional and repurposed to to add style and function to your home.


Are you looking for a little something special now to celebrate your accomplished mission?  We have pieces that will stand out as the special touch you have been looking for.

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So what are you waiting for?  Start your spring cleaning and get rid of those things that just are no longer “you.”  Then come see us to help find the pieces that are!   See you soon!

The hunt for who knows what

If you are anything like me, when you have a day to go out hunting for special treasures, you wake up anxious, eager, and excited.  Or, as my grandmother used to say, “Rip roaring and ready to go.”  But what am I looking for?  I generally have no idea.

There is nothing I love better than to head to a new place, or one of my favorite shopping places and hunt for …. anything.  Whatever jumps out at my and says, “You need me.”  I have found the most wonderful treasures when I was just going out to try to waste an hour. And generally the things that I have purchased are things I would never imagine myself buying.  But they were wonderful and I needed to have them.


Some days I head out on a mission.  I know exactly what I need and I am determined to find it.  And do you know what?  I generally don’t find any of it.  I get frustrated and sad.  I hate to shop sad.  But when I just let myself be free to wander and explore….that’s when it’s fun.  That’s when you find the treasures.  The diamonds in the rough, and the ones that have already been polished, as well.  I love to find that one piece that I can picture in a new way, or something that I know is the piece that will finally complete my mantle.  Sometimes (ok, most times) I end up with the most eclectic collection at checkout.   But do you know what happens when you put all those eclectic pieces together?  Magic.

I was speaking with a customer this morning, and I asked the question I love to ask, “What do you collect?” And I loved her response.  “Whatever I fall in love with.”  Exactly!  Fall in love with what you find!  This is fun!  These are pieces that have history, and stories to them.  Let them speak to you and tell their stories.  Some have been made by hand, and the artist poured their love into the creation.  They are meant to be loved.


Come spend some time at Deep Creek Vintage, wander through the rooms, and shop for…anything!  Come without a list and just see what jumps out at you, demanding you bring it home.  Maybe you’ll go home with a new-to-you piece of furniture that for some reason you just couldn’t take your eyes off.  Maybe it’s a picture that just calmed your spirit.  Maybe it’s a piece of jewelry that just grabbed your eye.  Customers come back for pieces all the time because they leave, but they can’t stop thinking about a particular item.  There is a reason for it.  So come spend some time, have fun, and let your heart guide you.  It is almost Valentine’s Day, after all.  Let your heart lead the way.  We are open seven days a week at the Manor, and we’d love for you to come and spend some time with us!

A New Year, a New Look

I  admit that this year, my Christmas tree didn’t make it until New Year’s.  It barely made it past Christmas.  For some reason, I was so ready to have all the decorations down and put away, and try to regain some semblance of order in my house.   I also admit that I am still trying to regain that order amidst the chaos that is my house.  But I am looking to change things up.  I haven’t decided how, but I just want a different look.  I am tired of my house looking the same.  And I am tired of the same being chaos.  So, this year I am going to get organized.  But in  style.

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