Hop over to DCV this weekend

Happy first days of spring….I think. We know, somehow the seasons seem confused and this snow we waited all winter for finally decided to arrive…at the end of March. But we’re moving on in hopes of sunshine and warm weather. It has to arrive soon, right? We’re celebrating spring this weekend with our March Madness Spring Open House.

Yes, it’s time to hop into spring! Let’s find those garden items, those bright colors, and those quirky little accent pieces that help to pull you out of the winter slump. Are you ready for Easter? Some bunny has been busy bringing some really adorable decor to Deep Creek to help your holiday be egg-actly what you’ve envisioned!

egg   spring

If you’re looking for furniture to add a little sunshine to your home, we can help! We have many talented vendors who have added that special oomph to take pieces to the next level. We might have just what you are looking for!

dresser   lingerie

In your outside in need of a little revival after the winter? Come visit our porch and let us help you give it that boost it needs! From shabby chic to farmhouse fresh, we can make your yard spring forward.

outdoor   porch

Did winter leave you with the blues? Take them and make them aqua with a few pops of color for spring! It’s egg-stra nice to have pastel in your palette.

sidetable   balljars

Or maybe you just love those little floral touches to bring the hint of spring inside. Not a problem when you’re at Deep Creek Vintage. Here spring is in full bloom!

smalls   spring2

We all need a break from winter! Come to Deep Creek Vintage this weekend to welcome in a new season! Many of our vendors are running specials, so it’s a great time to come see what’s in store!

We’ve decked the halls!

It all begins tomorrow as we open the doors and reveal all our holiday fun! From beautiful vintage ornaments to one-of-a-kind gift ideas, we have everything you need to make this holiday season one to remember!


Yes, Saturday, November 11 from 10am – 5pm and Sunday, November 12 from 11am – 4pm we will be helping you turn your home into a vision of vintage holiday glory. Whether you are looking to create a mantle that will make your visitors green with envy, or trim the evergreen with bulbs that have been carefully preserved, we are ready to fulfill your holiday wish! And we won’t even ask if you’ve been on the naughty or nice list!

23376548_879904122165000_8297688979811563186_n   23316592_879904082165004_6817421498082898730_n

23476615_10159462606880307_740726675_n   23476974_10159462607840307_1682804520_n

We all have those people who are just so hard to buy for. They seem to have everything! When you shop at a place like Deep Creek Vintage, it’s easy to walk into a room and exclaim, “Wow, I’ve never seen one of those before!” It stands to reason that if you’ve never seen one, they probably don’t have one. Shopping, done! We offer personalized and handmade gifts, too! What better way to show you wanted their gift to be truly unique?!

23376134_878733485615397_1526562437818622489_n   23376366_878729725615773_590320680618783829_n

23513274_10159462606160307_1606666644_n   23515608_10159462606400307_2031519747_n

We are so thankful for your support this holiday season. When you shop small, you truly make a difference. We are not part of a chain, or a larger conglomerate. When you shop at Deep Creek Vintage, you are supporting your neighbors and your friends, and your money stays in the community. We love getting to know you, and building relationships with you. Thank you for making us part of your holidays! We will see you soon at the Manor!


Outdoor Trends Made Easy

Looking to spruce up your outside space? It’s a great time to do it! With the warm weather, we’re sure you’re spending  a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s watching the kids splash in the pool (or shoot each other with water guns) or seeing what blooming in your garden. Maybe you’re just spending the summer nights on the porch, enjoying the nice warm breeze. No matter what is drawing you outdoors, make sure the space you find yourself in is inviting. It’s easier than you think, and we’re here to help.

The front porch has taken over this year as the space people are spending more of their time. It’s becoming more of a social center, as people in the neighborhoods can frequently be found lounging with a glass of iced tea, maybe a good book, or the company of a neighbor. Rocking chairs are a staple, and what better than a vintage rocker? Sit down for a spell in a chair with charm and just enjoy the peace and the slower pace.


Gallery walls are also popular for outdoor decor, so you can take your favorite decorating trends and carry the theme from inside out. Is farmhouse your thing? Or are you feeling the nautical vibe? Whatever your preference, decorate the outdoor walls to help bring cohesion and a bit of fun.

20068340_10158921375120307_894432688_n   20117258_10158921374675307_2026689905_n

If you’re going to be spending so much time outside, then it’s natural you’ll want to sit and enjoy a meal. More and more people are bringing much of their daily life outside on nice days, including mealtime. What better than to sit outside in the sunshine, catch up on your day, and enjoy a burger off the grill, or even just relax and have a cup of tea?

20067681_10158921376745307_400659625_n   20046090_10158921377110307_923391952_n

Metal continues to be a hot trend in outdoor decor. It’s a great way to combine the natural with the industrial, or to add touches of whimsy to your garden. From elegant baskets to adorable birds, metal elements can help you add that missing touch.

20067723_10158921377470307_1343307140_n   20134616_10158921376825307_1790838773_n

No matter how you plan on sprucing up your outdoor space, we’re here to help. We’re open five days a week (closed Tuesday – Wednesday) and we’d love to help you make your ideas a reality. Come see us soon at the manor house!


Trends for 2017

The new year is well underway, and with it, there will always be new trends in home decor. So what is 2017 already showing to be hot? And how can you easily bring this year’s best trends into your home? Let’s take a look!

As for color, green is expected to be popular again. That’s wonderful to hear, because it’s one of our favorites here! If you’re looking to take on a painting project, all of our paint lines carry great shades of green, from rich kelly greens to bright farmhouse hues. And if you’re looking for some vintage accents, we have wonderful pops of color for you, as well! Green has always been popular for those who love the rustic look, but it’s also great for glassware. No matter how you choose to incorporate it, we can help!

16930958_10158174820980307_163062481_o   16990307_10158174821615307_664377661_o


As for metals, copper is back! We know that it’s easy to add a touch of elegance with copper, and homeowners are realizing they love the look, too! From copper molds to fabulous pieces to decorate the mantle, you can’t go wrong with this fabulous metal.


Farmhouse still tops the lists of styles people are gravitating to, and it’s no wonder with a style that’s not only comfortable to live with, but easy to personalize. It’s a great way to add in solid pieces made to stand the test of time, but also incorporate a little whimsy into your decor.

16990692_10158174821465307_1348910355_o    16930998_10158174821105307_1155581521_o

What trends have you noticed? What is your favorite? We’d love to help you give your decor a little boost! Come in today and see what’s “new” in the shop. We’re open six days a week, and it’s a beautiful time to take a drive. See you soon at the manor!


Spring is coming….

It may be hard to believe since it was only 20 degrees this morning, but spring will be here before we know it! We’ve had a few beautiful days (and it’s supposed to be gorgeous again this weekend). It’s making us restless for this cold weather to take it’s leave and for spring to arrive in all our homes. What does spring mean for you?


We know some have already started their spring cleaning. It’s a great time to get rid of those things that no longer bring you joy and figure out how you can add a pop of color here, or a touch of whimsy there to give a room just the right touch. What room in your house is in need of sweeping out more than just the cobwebs?

Winter is wonderful with its creamy whites and ivories, but it’s always nice to see the color return. It doesn’t have to stop with the the flowers in your garden though. Bring them inside (or find high quality arrangements) that help to continue to the trend throughout.

16667282_10158106635105307_1842558972_o    16667792_10158106634925307_333617558_o

Not a floral fan?  Spring means new life, and nothing livens up a room like bright colors. Afraid to be too drastic? Even just a little piece here and there can make a big difference.

16731650_10158106635270307_1211930238_o    16667790_10158106635150307_176319778_o

What’s your favorite way to invite spring into your home? We’d love to hear about some of your decorating ideas! And for ways to try these tricks in your own home, come visit us at Deep Creek Vintage. We’re only closed on Wednesday, and we’d love to see you!

Out With the Old, In With the…Vintage

In two days time, we will be bidding adieu to 2016 to welcome in 2017. The Christmas decorations will begin to come down (if they haven’t already), and you’ll begin to put your house back together again from the chaos that always seems to follow December 25th (at least in my house). And if you’re anything like me, after all the decorations are down, you’ll decide that while the house looked perfectly fine before Thanksgiving, it’s now missing something. It needs a little added touch. And the new year is the perfect time to do it!

15784944_10157892758155307_58375657_o  15785701_10157892757595307_529886859_o15817858_10157892757900307_1953041625_o  15820762_10157892757660307_1646566362_o

While you’re putting away your holiday decor, see if you have a room or two that’s just not where you want it to be, and make it your New Year’s Resolution to create a home you can fall in love with all over again. Then come here to Deep Creek Vintage to search for those special touches. You want things that are unique, and intriguing. Things with history, and character. We specialize in those one-of-a-kind pieces that will set your room apart. Whether you are searching for an anchor piece to build the room around, or accent pieces to pull it all together, we can help you start your new year off with a bang! So round up those things that aren’t exactly your cup of tea, and come here to find the things that speak to you. We’re closed for New Year’s Day, but we’d love to help you on January 2nd! See you soon at the Manor House!

15820856_10157892757765307_1602454354_o   15824141_10157892758110307_1012872070_o

Here we come a-caroling

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Here at Deep Creek Vintage;
Take a look all around the shop, decorated from bottom to top
With candy canes and embellished silverplate aglow.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Right within our store,
But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be
On our own front porch.
A pair of decorated skates and an old iron gate
Is the wish of Barbara and Ben;
An old vintage sled and a Frenchy twin bed
Is the hope of Janice and Jen;

And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Ev’rywhere you go;
There’s a tree on the farm table, one in the front room as well,
And vintage ornaments to hang on every bough.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.


Happy holidays from Deep Creek Vintage, and come visit us for all your holiday decorating and shopping needs!