Paranormal Tours & Investigations

You should've been there. You still could be...
Are you ready to join us for one or both of our signature paranormal events at Deep Creek Vintage?
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Friday nights we are offering Paranormal Explorers which gives you the opportunity to explore the manor house guided by our experienced paranormal team. As a special treat, you will hunt in areas not normally open to the public. Bring your own equipment or use ours. $45.00
For the past five years we have offered this special 2 hour paranormal event where you hear the history of the manor house, tour some of the rooms of the manor while listening to a selection of EVP we have collected during past investigations, take part in an recorded EVP session asking questions you've always wanted answers to then our experienced guide will end the evening with a playback of our recorded session. That's right folks real-time playback! Many have come non-believers and left much less skeptical. Saturdays $30 
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