Springing into Summer

One of the most wonderful things about spring and summer is the new life you will find everywhere! Our feathered friends are busily preparing their nests, to soon be filled with chirping little babies. Garden are being pruned with care for the new buds that have already begun to spring up. And here at Deep Creek Vintage, we’re switching things around to bring new life to the space.


We had such a wonderful time at Vintage Market Days, and we’ve been working hard to refill the spaces left barren after so many of you came out to support us. And, our vendors are switching it up to keep it fresh. Many you will now find in new spaces as some have grown to accommodate more of your favorite things.

Our front room is lightened up and looking farmhouse fresh. Whether you’re looking for larger items to anchor the room, or accessories to add those finishing touches, come peruse our selection.


Looking to add feminine flair? With French accents, scrolling lines, and light hues, this space has been updated and is the perfect room for ladylike luxury.


The boutique has relocated and now incorporates a boho vibe. Whether you are looking for a stylish new look, or a place to store it, this is a fun room to spend some time.


For fun and quirky vintage nostalgia, this room upstairs is now full of tiny treasures and fun decor. Stop in and take a trip down memory lane.


Some come on in and check us out! We’ll be open this Memorial Day weekend, and know many of you will be enjoying an extra day off from work. Come spend it with us! See you soon at the manor. Remember we’re open Monday and Friday – Saturday from 10-5, Sunday from 11-4. Have a wonderful weekend!

A Month Till Market

I  can hardly believe it, but in one month we will be filling our fields with tents and tables as we make way for our annual spring market. We here at Deep Creek Vintage know this is an event you look forward to as much as we do, so make sure you mark your calendars for May 5th and 6th!


Saturday we will start the fun early, with the market opening at 9am. What can you expect? Well, the house will be packed! We always make sure we bring in new merchandise so that you can find something that suits your taste. But we’ll have the yard filled, too! It’s tent time, as our house vendors are joined with other great vendors from the area to bring you more shopping goodness. Whether you’re interested in looking and smelling good personally, or making your home a photo-worthy, we’ll be able to help!

18301325_787415934747153_2673637626732906239_n   marketscape

Are we still accepting vendors? Absolutely! If you specialize in the handmade, repurposed, antique, vintage, or one-of-a-kind creations, come join us! We’d love to have you be part of the fun. Email for an application today!

18301088_787227311432682_7556666803661558827_n.jpg   table2




This market is rain or shine, and we’re looking forward to a weekend of fun, new friends, and as always, fabulous finds. Mark your calendars today because you won’t want to miss it! And in the meantime, come stop by the manor and help us make room for all the great new items we’ll be bringing in. We’ll see you soon!


Hop over to DCV this weekend

Happy first days of spring….I think. We know, somehow the seasons seem confused and this snow we waited all winter for finally decided to arrive…at the end of March. But we’re moving on in hopes of sunshine and warm weather. It has to arrive soon, right? We’re celebrating spring this weekend with our March Madness Spring Open House.

Yes, it’s time to hop into spring! Let’s find those garden items, those bright colors, and those quirky little accent pieces that help to pull you out of the winter slump. Are you ready for Easter? Some bunny has been busy bringing some really adorable decor to Deep Creek to help your holiday be egg-actly what you’ve envisioned!

egg   spring

If you’re looking for furniture to add a little sunshine to your home, we can help! We have many talented vendors who have added that special oomph to take pieces to the next level. We might have just what you are looking for!

dresser   lingerie

In your outside in need of a little revival after the winter? Come visit our porch and let us help you give it that boost it needs! From shabby chic to farmhouse fresh, we can make your yard spring forward.

outdoor   porch

Did winter leave you with the blues? Take them and make them aqua with a few pops of color for spring! It’s egg-stra nice to have pastel in your palette.

sidetable   balljars

Or maybe you just love those little floral touches to bring the hint of spring inside. Not a problem when you’re at Deep Creek Vintage. Here spring is in full bloom!

smalls   spring2

We all need a break from winter! Come to Deep Creek Vintage this weekend to welcome in a new season! Many of our vendors are running specials, so it’s a great time to come see what’s in store!

Spring into fresh new trends

While it may be hard to tell from the weather outside today, spring is right around the corner! We have had a few beautiful days recently, and there are plenty more to come. And as winter fades into the background, we are ready to welcome in spring with some spring cleaning, some new design trends, and of course, the shopping needed to make those trends part of your home’s look.


So what’s first? Well, pops of color and warm wood tones! If you’ve been a fan of all-white (and we love it, too!) consider adding some blues, creams, and even grays to go from crisp and bright to a softer feel. It’s easy to do with just a few accessories. Kitchens are a great place to start! Wood also helps to warm up a monochromatic palate.

balljars   graydresserpillows   pitcher

What else is hot right now? Jewel tones! Luckily jewel tones are an integral part of historical decor, so adding that antique settee upholstered in gold, or the side chair in burgundy is a great way to make the best part of the past combine with the trends of the present.

tealbuffet   jewelsettee

Brass is back! It’s been slowly creeping its way back into designs, and it seems to be at the forefront of what is popular. Vintage brass pieces are a great way to add some visual interest to your rooms.

brasswoman   brass   crosscandle

Handmade is also hot, which is one of our favorite trends! Whether it’s a vintage handmade vase, or an artisan handcrafted wall-hanging, separate your style by choosing pieces that speak to you and celebrate the little details that make these pieces different.

pottery   stainedglass

Is your home due for a makeover? Which trends speaks to you? Come to Deep Creek Vintage and let us help you add pieces that will not only update the look of your decor, but also give your home that completely unique appeal you’re craving. We can’t wait to see you soon at the manor house!

It’s Always Fun at the Market

We’re still recovering from the market here at Deep Creek Vintage, and what a market it was! The weather finally cooperated with us, and Saturday could not have been a sunnier day to shop till we dropped! Our market continues to grow, and we were so blessed to have such wonderful vendors joining us this year as the fields were filled with amazing creations. Just take a look!

copper   porch2

Although the forecast on Sunday might not have been the most promising, we are thankful to everyone who stuck it out! We never let a little bad weather rain on our parade. No matter what the sky might look like, it’s always a good day to shop!

marketscape   signs

Unfortunately we were so busy shopping and helping customers that we didn’t get pictures of many of our vendors! From handcrafted jewelry to antique furniture to stylish new clothing, our customers seemed to all find something they needed to bring home!

table2   table

A huge thank you to all our customers for making this market part of your weekend! We know that you have come to look forward to these events as much as us, and we are always so appreciative of your support! Also, thank you to all the vendors who joined us. Some vendors have become old friends, and some we met for the first time and really enjoyed the weekend together.


We’ve been busy restocking the house, so come by and see everything new! We’ll see you soon at the manor!

Christmas Blessings

Are you ready for Christmas? Another year has flown by, and in a few short days’ time, we will be gathered with our families to celebrate this special day. And as we pause to look back on the year, we feel blessed to have spent so much of our time with you.

We are truly lucky to have a space where we can not only do what we love, but meet such amazing people. So many of you have become more than just customers as we have grown to know each other. It is certainly true that you can’t walk into a shop like ours without having at least one item remind you of a memory or event from your past. We treasure all the stories we have heard as you have found those items that call back a happy moment or a person you hold dear. We enjoy finding these objects, but it is the personal history shared that is the reason we do what we do.

There have been children’s tea sets that will be under the tree this year as mothers hope to recreate special memories they have of  tea parties with their daughters. Pocket watches that reminded someone of a grandfather who was never without the time and a butterscotch candy. Humidors that brought back the smell of a father unwinding from a day at the office. And of course ornaments hung with care that were just like the ones they remember being allowed to look at, but not touch.

No matter what you have come in search of this year, we hope that we have been able to help. We thank you for continuing to support us through all our growth and changes. And we thank you for sharing part of your history with us. We are excited for a new year, and all the “new” stories we will share together. We have many more events that will be happening in 2018, and we can’t wait to enjoy them together. Thank you for being a part of the Deep Creek Vintage family. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



A Handmade Holiday

When it comes to holidays, cookie cutter should be something that describes your gingerbread and not your gifts. But selecting gifts that are one-of-a-kind doesn’t have to be stressful. Here at Deep Creek Vintage we’ve gathered pieces that are as unique as the recipient. And we have an amazing array of handmade gifts that are sure to make your package stand out. Deciding to give a handmade gift doesn’t mean you have to become a slave to your wood shop – it may just mean finding a local artist who does the work for you. And isn’t it even better when your unique gift supports a local business? We think so!

23972594_10159524325035307_932958823_n   23897917_10159524325045307_919247864_n23897910_10159524322565307_1201881815_n   24008753_10159524322400307_1608004030_n

We have wonderful, festive pieces in that are handmade locally! But don’t wait because they are leaving quickly with happy customers. What makes it twice as nice? Many of our vendors are having sales this weekend just for Small Business Saturday! We’re so thankful that you are supporting local businesses like Deep Creek Vintage, and we’re offering some extra incentives to come out and shop small. Just take a look at some of the great pieces that have just arrived!

24099022_10159524326995307_839332335_n   24008799_10159524322490307_1034961379_n24008714_10159524322605307_629723138_n   24008485_10159524322420307_1688592699_n

See you soon at the manor! We’re open Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 11-4. And we’re here today to greet you! Come let us take the stress out of your holiday shopping and make your gifts ones that people will remember for years to come!