Christmas Blessings

Are you ready for Christmas? Another year has flown by, and in a few short days’ time, we will be gathered with our families to celebrate this special day. And as we pause to look back on the year, we feel blessed to have spent so much of our time with you.

We are truly lucky to have a space where we can not only do what we love, but meet such amazing people. So many of you have become more than just customers as we have grown to know each other. It is certainly true that you can’t walk into a shop like ours without having at least one item remind you of a memory or event from your past. We treasure all the stories we have heard as you have found those items that call back a happy moment or a person you hold dear. We enjoy finding these objects, but it is the personal history shared that is the reason we do what we do.

There have been children’s tea sets that will be under the tree this year as mothers hope to recreate special memories they have of  tea parties with their daughters. Pocket watches that reminded someone of a grandfather who was never without the time and a butterscotch candy. Humidors that brought back the smell of a father unwinding from a day at the office. And of course ornaments hung with care that were just like the ones they remember being allowed to look at, but not touch.

No matter what you have come in search of this year, we hope that we have been able to help. We thank you for continuing to support us through all our growth and changes. And we thank you for sharing part of your history with us. We are excited for a new year, and all the “new” stories we will share together. We have many more events that will be happening in 2018, and we can’t wait to enjoy them together. Thank you for being a part of the Deep Creek Vintage family. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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