Time to cozy up inside!

Please tell me I am not the only one who went from wanting to sit outside on the front porch at night, to wanting to stay huddled on the couch under my blanket. The drop in temperature as fall has arrived has made me remember just how much I love my fireplace and my tea kettle. For me, fall is all about comfort. But comfort doesn’t have to mean a fuzzy bathrobe or bunny slippers (although let’s be honest and admit that it sometimes does). When you introduce elements into your home that make being warm and cozy stylish, you get the best of both worlds.

These kantha blankets are a new addition to Deep Creek Vintage. Their bright colors and vivid patterns make a statement, but their softness is what appeals the most to me. With coordinating scarves, these are a must-have as we venture into colder seasons. Or maybe you’re a fan of the traditional. There is nothing quite like a quilt when the temperature is dropping! Come check out our selection.

22854648_10159403077425307_199309737_n   22855861_10159403152145307_2045935382_n

And if you’re going to cuddle up, you need a comfy chair to do it in! We have several to choose from in all different styles. Maybe you even want a footrest to really relax!

22855769_10159403152870307_683492928_n   22854951_10159403152780307_2077346426_n

Now if you’re really going to kick back, you need something to warm you from the inside out. A nice cup of tea, perhaps? Or maybe you’re a hot chocolate fan. Whether you’re looking for a stylish way to keep your supplies organized, or a fancy new cup that makes you want to lift your pinky up, you’ve come to the right place.

22835590_10159403153070307_1437970089_n   22854896_10159403152810307_1616545359_n22855639_10159403152865307_1473199723_n   22855685_10159403151970307_495614902_n

And of course, who can resist a nice warm bath when it’s cold outside? We have a great selection of natural bath products that make you smell as good as you feel!

22854906_10159403151685307_531026554_n   22854780_10159403151680307_694423157_n

And what’s better than a good book for those cold nights? We love the look of old books, but there are such wonderful stories to be found, too! Many of our vendors have a great selection for you to peruse.

22894893_10159403238370307_1840952337_n   22894976_10159403238350307_1068168315_n

Come by today and get ready to get cozy in style! When the weather outside gets frightful, you’ll be glad you have all the essentials to relax. We’ll see you soon at the manor house!



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