Garden Goodness

Although the temps may have dropped back down today, it will soon be gorgeous out again, and a fabulous time to pull out those boots, gloves, old jeans, and hit the dirt. It’s time to create your garden paradise!

While there many be a few green thumbs in residence at Deep Creek, one thing we can all do is help you to incorporate elements that will make you yard go from builder’s standard to simply unique. Sometimes all it takes is the addition of a few interesting elements to create this change.

We know that sometimes it just takes a beautiful frame to truly set off a picture. The same can be said about your flower beds. To make them truly unique, consider a headboard and foot board, or if you just want a backdrop, add a headboard behind it to draw your eye in. This can work especially well if you are planting ivy, or another climbing flower or plant.

Gardening-bed-frame-Going-Slow   dba32f577f390f6c0847d4ed9e07920c

The garden is a wonderful place to wander and spend some time. Consider have a permanent resident with a garden statue. The juxtaposition of the hard concrete with the flowing lines of a garden creates a wonderful image, and it adds visual interest and whimsy as you pick a statue that matches the look you are going for. Whether you’re looking for a quirky gargoyle, a loyal canine, or a beautiful goddess, a statue can help your garden stand out.

.         17204425_10158246089235307_2146510558_n     17270974_10158246089350307_87607208_n

These are just a few ideas! We covered a lot more about two years ago, and have loved seeing how you implemented them into your homes. Check them out here:

While the porch is a great place to look for garden accessories, we have lots of great items throughout the store that you can use. Come get your supplies, then send us photos of what you create! See you soon at the manor, and get ready to spring into spring!


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