Falling in Love with Fall

It seems like we blinked, and fall was here. All of a sudden the temperatures dropped, the winds picked up, and pumpkin spice was everywhere. And here at Deep Creek Vintage, we’re falling in love with fall!

14466906_10157432297330307_2117970153_o    14513732_10157432297495307_1920904539_o

Our summer decor is switched out for the warm tones of autumn, and pumpkins and gourds are everywhere we look. This is one of our favorite seasons for decorating. And of course, Halloween will be here soon. It’s hard not to love Halloween, especially when your shop resides in a manor that if often home to more than just the customers and vendors.

14489056_10157432250495307_1271909296_o    14467075_10157432250815307_450530697_o

We love the golds, burnt oranges, maroons, and deep reds of harvest time. Don’t they just make you feel cozy, and ready to curl up by a fireplace with a comfy throw and a good book? Maybe it’s these happy thoughts that make us want to make sure our own homes are just as welcoming. When it’s chilly outside I know I love to be inside enjoying the comforts of home.


Looking to spruce up your home or give it that comfy, cozy fall look? Come see us at the manor and we can help! Our vendors are bringing in new things daily that will make your harvest look pop! And don’t forget our harvest market is right around the corner, October 15-16. You won’t want to miss it! Come visit us at the manor house. We’re open every day except Wednesday, and can’t wait to see you!

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