Get to Know Deep Creek Vintage

The question we hear the most? “So when was this house built?”

What we now know as Deep Creek Vintage began as a single-family residence that was built around 1750.

“But was it a hotel? There are so many bathrooms!”

Like many homes of its age, the manor house was modified, added on to, and changed many times. And through those changes, its purpose evolved. It went from family home to bed and breakfast to motor lodge. At one point it was even a doll hospital.


“Is it haunted?” Well, that’s for you to find out. But we do give tours, complete with recordings that have been captured in the house, and a chance for you to ask questions during a recorded session as well. We expand on the history of the house during this tour, and private parties are welcome to schedule their own group events.

ghost tours revised

Sadly at one point in its history, the manor house laid neglected and vacant. It fell into serious disrepair. When it was chosen as the location for Deep Creek Vintage over three years ago, a lot of work was put into creating the vision you now see today.

So what is Deep Creek Vintage? To start, it is a multi-vendor destination spot that provides customers a large selection of merchandise spanning all eras. One thing that makes Deep Creek Vintage special is the broad spectrum of vendors which allow us to have such great variety. From fabulous vintage finds and hand-painted buffets to handmade jewelry and soaps, We want to make sure that whatever our customers are looking for, we are able to provide.
Paris Room

We are more than just a storefront, though. Deep Creek Vintage provides classes for those who want to embrace their creative sides. We also hold vintage markets where community vendors and artists are welcome to join us for the weekend to create an atmosphere of festive shopping. And our newest branch is Deep Creek Vintage Estate Services, where we take the stress out of transitioning to a new stage of life by preparing and holding estate sales for you.


It’s hard to believe that we’re only three years old, but we have put down a lot of roots in the community, and they continue to grow. Come see why Deep Creek Vintage is different from the other shops, and what makes us stand apart. We’d love for you to tour the manor house, and see all the treasures held inside. See you soon at the manor house! Don’t forget we’re open everyday except Wednesday.

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