A Room with a View

If you haven’t been by the manor house lately, you are in for some surprises. We are moving full steam ahead on the cottage behind us. While you might not be able to tell a big difference yet from the outside (apart from the arrival of our new feathered friends who are residing in their fabulous new coops), the inside doesn’t even look like the same building. Walls have been repaired, painted, and floors completely redone. Stay tuned for a look inside as we continue to make progress. One of the wonderful things about the addition of the cottage is that we have been able to move our storage room from the manor house into the cottage.  We love that when we are standing in the front room, we can now look down and see clear to the other side of the house.  13446030_10156959920745307_825945331_o

The extra light that this lets through makes such a huge difference! The shop feels more spacious and airy. We love the change. But that’s not the only one! Looking for the jewelry that resided under the stairs? You’ll have to venture down the hall, because it has moved to the old paint room, and now has a lot more light. 13446258_10156959920205307_318287987_o

So that poses the question: What is in the old storage  room? Well, one of our vendors moved from upstairs. You can now get your boho vibe on in this spacious room. 13442045_10156959920170307_1026007826_o

And one of our favorite changes? Paint galore! Our paint selection is now displayed so that you have room to browse all the products. Each line is separated, and the colors are easy to find. We love how open it is.

13460928_10156959919935307_366359012_o   13460984_10156959920075307_252436840_o13460986_10156959920010307_222978002_o

Come see for yourself all the changes we’re making! Or better yet, come be a part of them! Now that we have more space, we have a limited availability for vendors to join in the fun at Deep Creek Vintage. Several new vendors have already joined us, and you’ll be meeting them soon. If you’re interested in learning how you can be a part of the manor house, stop by. And if you would rather stay a customer, stop by. We’d love to show you all that’s new in a house that’s anything but. See you soon at the manor house! Don’t forget we’re open seven days a week, and it’s always a great time to spend a little time shopping.

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