The sun is shining!

Lately there has been this weird yellow glow in the sky.  It’s warm, and bright, and bounces off everything it touches. And we are loving it!  The sun is out, and with it, warmer temperatures. Kids are outside playing, the plants that people labored over are finally showing growth and new blooms, and we are all enjoying a break from the rain, no matter how short-lived it may be.


So what are you big plans for the weekend? For many, it’s a longer weekend as businesses close to give a moment to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. If your family is anything like my family, longer weekends mean attacking a project from the to-do list. Are you looking to redecorate a room in your home? Or maybe you’ve been itching to finally get a piece painted this weekend, and are ready to grab the supplies you need.  Or, you just want to enjoy the weekend with some leisurely shopping.  Lucky for you we’re open all weekend and have lots of new pieces, and new vendors who are working hard to get their space ready for you to shop!

13282663_10156879273445307_195614780_o   13313689_10156879273855307_553583738_o13288532_10156879273690307_564027353_o   13288321_10156879272145307_270790040_o13288367_10156879273065307_1950280694_o   13288518_10156879272680307_1779284555_o13288379_10156879272480307_1241267191_o   13313934_10156879273235307_1453074683_o13321169_10156879272095307_1210187879_o  13323945_10156879272975307_1415461204_o

So whatever the reason you find yourself headed for Deep Creek Vintage this weekend, don’t worry because we’re working to get the store ready to come shop your hearts out!  See you soon at the Manor house! And enjoy the sunshine.

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