Come Rain or Shine

Last weekend we held our biggest market to date, and we had so many wonderful vendors join us!  We loved the wide variety of items that they brought and added to the vendors from inside the manor house.  We might have picked up a few goodies ourselves.  It was so wonderful to have so many local artists, craftsmen, and creators on the grounds sharing their businesses with our customers.

Did you miss the main event?  Well, unfortunately it will be a little while before our next market, so you will have to settle for a few snapshots of all the wonders we had on the grounds.  And with over twenty spots filled, there were quite a few to see!


For those who enjoyed a feminine touch, there was quite a selection.  From upcycled teacups to fairy gardens, oohs and aahs were heard frequently as people found treasures they had to have.


For those who preferred the beauty of wood, we had an artisan of handcrafted pens and wine stoppers (and magic wands!) that were truly gorgeous.

penmarket   winemarket

For those looking for a little self pampering, we had several options.  Lotions, soaps, even beard oil for the men.  And everything smelled amazing!soapmarket

Right outside the front door we had a vendor that we still are hearing people talk about, a welder who creates the most amazing yard art and home decor using horse shoes and other metal pieces.  We’re always a fan of creative thinking here at Deep Creek Vintage.


And of course several of our own vendors added to their already amazing selection in the manor by setting the stage outside.  We are thrilled with the talent we are able to offer our customers daily, and love when we can expand on it to fill the field.


And to think that this is just a small sampling of the vendors.  Plus all the amazing things in the house…well, it’s a wonder that I didn’t buy more.  But I did find a ton of great gifts.  And maybe some things for me.  Maybe.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our Market Days celebration!  We loved having you, appreciated all the compliments, loved seeing some of our old friends, and loved all of the new friends we made!  Oh, but whoever invited the rain on Sunday, that was not appreciated.  But we are so thankful for everyone who came out despite the wet weather and made a day of it!  Can’t wait to see you back again, and don’t worry because our vendors have already restocked their rooms with lots of great merchandise.  Come see us again soon!




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