Farm Fresh

It’s no surprise to us that farmhouse is a trend that is sticking in antique shops.  It’s a fun style that is easy to add to your home, and for families to live with on a daily basis.  Whether it’s farm tables that can seat your family with ease, or old cabinets and the instruments often found within, farm fresh often flies right off the shelves here at Deep Creek Vintage.  So what is farmhouse style?  Well, it was born from the farms where people used the elements they had around them to decorate.  It shows a love of land, and a love of community.  It’s simple, often with DIY elements.  Think about using things that would be found in a rural community.  How can you create a farmhouse look in your house?  Here are some easy tips that help you to create the style you are looking to achieve.

Add Rustic Touches


Galvanized tin is so popular when it comes to decorating.  Metal baskets, too.  Think of some industrial pieces that you can add in as well.  It’s always fun to see what you can come up with to make your home less stuffy and more comfy.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

12980714_10156700313390307_210128988_o   12986589_10156700313140307_1196412472_o

Mason jars aren’t just for canning.  They can be used on your countertop to become vases, or on your sink to hold your cotton balls.  Have a great salvage piece?  Turn it into wall decor.  Rake heads can become racks, and old pots can become planters.  Get creative!

Country Colors

12970619_10156700312760307_1660987832_o    12959368_10156700172765307_1232690148_o

Chippy white, warm yellows, and other soft bright colors help bring your farmhouse to life.  Think sage green, and other colors that are found whenever you walk outside.  Barn red is always a hit, because there is nothing that says farm fresh like bringing real barn colors into your home.  No need to worry about pristine finishes.  Chippy is just fine!

Open Shelving

12980945_10156700173305307_710436990_o  12970402_10156700172875307_2048231785_o

Display your wares with open shelves!  Have a collection of ironstone?  Old bottles?  Show them off!  Whether it’s an old cubby that can be mounted for design and storage or a china cabinet with the door removed, allow a feeling of openness to show in your home.

Wood Touches

1 main12986810_10156700172630307_974847377_o

Barn wood is so popular, and so many people love furniture that shows it was made by hand.  Add those wood elements that show craftsmanship.

Bring the Outside In


Think shutters, barn doors, old window sashes, and even more architectural salvage pieces that bring a little of the outside charm inside.  Don’t stop there.  Bring in flowers, potted plants, and herbs to warm up the space.

But where can you find all this?!  Well, We can’t promise we have everything you need to create your dream farmhouse, but we have a lot of the pieces you need for a good start.  Come see us today and see what we have in store for you at the Manor House.  Visit us seven days a week!

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