Spring Cleanout

The time changed, we have more daylight, and the sun is shining.  Today is a beautiful day and life is good!  We have thrown open the door here to let in the light, the warm air, and just enjoy it!  You know what that means?  Time for some spring cleaning!

Yes, at some point we will probably need to focus on wiping down the baseboards, airing out the curtains, and dusting from top to bottom.  But the spring cleaning I’m talking about can be a lot more fun.  I don’t think of it as spring cleaning as much as shopping prep.  Each spring, I like to go through my house and yes, clean, but also gather up things that I’m just tired of.  Things that no longer fit into my dream house vision.  I gather them up, and I get rid of them.  And that gives me space to go shopping for new things.


Have a yard sale!  It’s the perfect time for it.  Then you will not only be getting rid of what no longer fits into your vision, but you will have a little extra cash for those things that you have had your eye on.  Start small.  I focus on one area a day.  For a set time (say 15 minutes), I go through and just make a pile of everything that I no longer want.  And once  a week, I make a trip to donate it.  Why once a week?  So that I don’t talk myself into keeping it. If you are planning a yard sale, designate a place to store everything that is out of the way.  But make sure you stay on track.

It’s exciting to see all the extra space you find, and all the things that you find you have been holding on to “just because.”  And you will find that the more you do it, the easier it gets.  Once you have completely purged your home of all the things that you no longer want, you’ll be ready to create your dream scapes!  Come see us.  Did you find in your quests that you’re lacking organization?  We can help.  We have lots of great storage options, both conventional and repurposed to to add style and function to your home.


Are you looking for a little something special now to celebrate your accomplished mission?  We have pieces that will stand out as the special touch you have been looking for.

12516214_10156583126250307_2067869599_n   12476178_10156583125455307_747774152_n

So what are you waiting for?  Start your spring cleaning and get rid of those things that just are no longer “you.”  Then come see us to help find the pieces that are!   See you soon!

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