A Peek Inside

One thing that remains constant is change.  We love that this can be said about the shop.  Many of our vendors have been switching around their spaces, and some have combined forces to create whole new rooms for you to browse.  We have added new vendors, and are loving the way that the shop has a fresh new look.  Have you been by recently?  If not, you might want a little glimpse inside to see all the reasons you need to schedule a trip!

From prim and rustic to farmhouse fun, the front room is full of not just furniture, but lots of fun collectible pieces, too.  It’s a great place to spend some time hunting.


Nestled in the sun room is Snow Creek Farm, a Fredericksburg favorite for all things chippy and quaint.  From garden decor to adorable assemblages, hers is always a spot to linger a little longer.


The newest triple threat combines The Swanky Seahorse, Cate’s Boutique, and Shabby Chicken.  From furniture pieces with an industrial twist to those painted in bolder hues, and quirky vintage finds that will add a special touch to any room, this room presents bolder choices and fun additions that may be just what you’ve been looking for.


Across the hall is one of the newest vendors to join Deep Creek Vintage, The Wandering Geranium.  Already customers are falling in love with her chippy style and upcycled creations.  The cubbies full of special treasures are always quite the temptation.


Tempted yet?  Good.  I’d love to show you all of their spaces, but it’s more fun to see in person.  And think, these are just four of the rooms inside the house, but remember the Manor is a grand old lady and she is full of space.  We’ll look at some of the other vendors next week.  Can’t wait?  Guess you’ll have to make a trip to see us!  Don’t forget we’re open seven days a week.  Can’t wait to see you soon and show you all the changes we’ve made!

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