It’s the Little Things

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it’s that special little touch that really just makes something just stand out?  It’s that little thing that just makes it perfect.  Take a wedding dress, for example.  It’s beautiful.  Stunning.  But when you find the accessory that compliments it, it takes it from gorgeous to simply breathtaking.  Maybe it’s a pin on the side, maybe it’s a strand of pearls.  But there is something that just adds that final touch.  The same is true with a home.  Look at a space.  Is it just how you envision it?  Or is it missing that one final piece that will finally complete your vision?


When I look at my home, there are several places I take great pride in my decor.  They make me happy, they make me smile, they are exactly what I wanted.  There are others which I believe were created by the world-renowned designers Chaos, Clutter, and Disorganization.  And of course, the spaces that are under the constant redecoration of the decorating firm Young Children.  But each day I try to reclaim a little more of my house, and bring it to what I dream of -acomfortable home of eclectic style, fun statement pieces, and vignettes that are just … me.

An easy place to start focusing on the little things in your home?  Your mantle.  My mantle is full of eclectic pieces that don’t look like they would fit together, but they exist in perfect harmony. Why is the mantle easy?  Well, for several reasons.  First, it’s basically a large, wide shelf that can hold a variety of objects.  Second, it’s a great focal point that is made to draw your eye.  Third, it’s high up, so if you have little hands or four legged friends who often get into mischief, whatever scene you create is out of harm’s way.  One of the joys of having the shop in the manor house is having many mantles, and we switch up the decor frequently.  This is another added bonus.  You generally don’t have to worry about hanging anything up, so you can alter your mantle with every season.  Need some ideas to get you started?  We wrote a blog about it before, so check out more info here:

Mantle Decorating

Another great area to focus on?  Well, that’s probably different for everyone.  But think about the room that you go to to relax.  Is it a sun room?  Maybe the kitchen.  If you need a time to be just be alone with your thoughts, where would you go?  Maybe it’s even your bathtub.  Go to that space.  Sit.  Look around.  If this is your peaceful place, is it just how you envision it?  Or is it missing something?  Maybe it’s a little dark.  Would a small crystal lamp add the right touch of sparkle and warmth?  Maybe a silverplate tea set would give it that touch of whimsy you are looking for.  What little touch would just take it to the level you deserve?12736182_10156492968395307_1678377763_n

It’s generally the little things that make a big difference.  If you are looking at a room and think that there is just something missing, you are probably right.  So what is it?  What is that little thing?  We specialize in special little touches here, and might have what you are looking for.  Even if you’re not sure what you need, we may be able to offer suggestions.  Come by, bring pictures and let us help you take your space to the next level.  We’re open seven days a week at the manor house.  Can’t wait to see you!


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