Feeling hot, hot, hot!

It’s cold outside, but we don’t care because we are having a party in here!  It’s a day we’ve been waiting for patiently for quite some time.  Ok, maybe not so patiently.  Who are we kidding, we have been anxiously waiting for this day since the word was first mentioned.  We have heat!!  Not the little space heaters that have been chugging along doing their very best to try to keep us warm.  They fought a good fight, but it takes a little more formidable opponent to battle the bitter cold and harsh winds that are beginning to brew.  We have an actual heating system that just were turned on for the first time.  And it was glorious.


The workers have been here for over two weeks now installing ten large feeds into the grand old lady.  Spaced throughout the two main floors, we will now be able to have heat and air, controlled by remote.  Now we’re fancy!  Already it’s warming up.  My toes even have feeling back in them.  What an amazing feeling!  And just in time, because the weather next week is supposed to be awful…well, not really, it’s supposed to be really nice and close to 60 degrees.  But the next time the temperature drops, we will be prepared!  So come visit and check out our wonderful new additions…and you don’t even have to get bundled up.  Well, except to shop the porch.  You’re on your own when you’re shopping all the amazing treasures out there.  See you soon at the manor house!

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