The hunt for who knows what

If you are anything like me, when you have a day to go out hunting for special treasures, you wake up anxious, eager, and excited.  Or, as my grandmother used to say, “Rip roaring and ready to go.”  But what am I looking for?  I generally have no idea.

There is nothing I love better than to head to a new place, or one of my favorite shopping places and hunt for …. anything.  Whatever jumps out at my and says, “You need me.”  I have found the most wonderful treasures when I was just going out to try to waste an hour. And generally the things that I have purchased are things I would never imagine myself buying.  But they were wonderful and I needed to have them.


Some days I head out on a mission.  I know exactly what I need and I am determined to find it.  And do you know what?  I generally don’t find any of it.  I get frustrated and sad.  I hate to shop sad.  But when I just let myself be free to wander and explore….that’s when it’s fun.  That’s when you find the treasures.  The diamonds in the rough, and the ones that have already been polished, as well.  I love to find that one piece that I can picture in a new way, or something that I know is the piece that will finally complete my mantle.  Sometimes (ok, most times) I end up with the most eclectic collection at checkout.   But do you know what happens when you put all those eclectic pieces together?  Magic.

I was speaking with a customer this morning, and I asked the question I love to ask, “What do you collect?” And I loved her response.  “Whatever I fall in love with.”  Exactly!  Fall in love with what you find!  This is fun!  These are pieces that have history, and stories to them.  Let them speak to you and tell their stories.  Some have been made by hand, and the artist poured their love into the creation.  They are meant to be loved.


Come spend some time at Deep Creek Vintage, wander through the rooms, and shop for…anything!  Come without a list and just see what jumps out at you, demanding you bring it home.  Maybe you’ll go home with a new-to-you piece of furniture that for some reason you just couldn’t take your eyes off.  Maybe it’s a picture that just calmed your spirit.  Maybe it’s a piece of jewelry that just grabbed your eye.  Customers come back for pieces all the time because they leave, but they can’t stop thinking about a particular item.  There is a reason for it.  So come spend some time, have fun, and let your heart guide you.  It is almost Valentine’s Day, after all.  Let your heart lead the way.  We are open seven days a week at the Manor, and we’d love for you to come and spend some time with us!

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