Ch ch Changes…Want to be a part of them?

Sometimes change is bad.  Sometimes it’s scary.  Things are changing here at Deep Creek Vintage, but it’s exciting!  The building that our store occupies has been purchased by a new owner, who knows that sometimes a little maintenance can go a long way.  And, sometimes what makes a house charming can also make it difficult to run a business inside.  So, we are preparing for some improvements to Deep Creek Vintage.  Some have already started.  Some will be be happening soon.  Curious?


We are getting heat!  Yes, you heard correctly.  We know that you all have been troopers in coming out on cold days, and we appreciate it more than you know.  But houses that were built in 1750 are not made with the insulation of today, and unfortunately our fair lady has also had some structural damage which has made it a little more drafty than we would like.  We have done the best we can with heaters, but we are excited to have a more efficient and cost effective way to keep our customers warm in the cold winter months on its way.

And it’s not just winter – we are getting air conditioning as well!  Yes, we are going to be more comfortable all year long.  Exciting, isn’t it?  The manor house will soon be able to adjust to temperature extremes, a little way of bringing her into the current times.

You might have seen me mention the structural issues that didn’t help with the drafts.  Well, if you were almost three hundred years old, you might have some cracks and dips, too.  If you see workers, they are helping to secure the back and porch of the house to make sure that the house continues to stand strong for years to come.  Sometime we all just need a little help, right?

It doesn’t stop there, though.  We are adding vendors!  Actually a lot of our vendors are currently switching spaces, switching rooms, and we are opening up spaces to add new and exciting vendors.  We already have two new vendors scheduled to move in, and are looking to add four more.  Could you be one?  We are not just looking for any new vendors.  We are looking for people who are going to bring energy to the shop, be dynamic, and have fun with what they do!  Does this sound like you?  Contact us today at (540)623-3258 to learn more.

Why would you want to be a vendor at Deep Creek Vintage?  Well, you have a chance to be part of an antique shop that is actually in a piece of history, for one.  How many times can you say that your business is in a manor house built in 1750?  Two, you can be part of an established business with a great customer base.  Our customers are wonderful, and they love Deep Creek because of the great pieces and great variety that they find here.  Three, you can grow as we grow, and help us continue to create something dynamic.

Oh, and almost forgot – workshops are returning!  As we move vendors and open space, we are bringing back the studio for workshops.  In addition to painting classes that we will be offering, we are looking for talented artists and artisans who are interested in teaching their crafts.  We provide the space, while you supply the talent!  Stay tuned for more information, and be on the lookout for signups for classes, which we hope to begin the end of February.

Don’t wait if you think that you might want to join us, because space is limited in the house.  Come by or visit, and see what makes us different.  We are open seven days a week!  Can’t wait to see you.  And pardon any moving you might see.  We are making lots of changes!

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