A Big Impact with Small Business Saturday

Tomorrow is one of our favorite days of the year.  Why?  Because it’s Small Business Saturday.  For us, it’s a time to celebrate all our amazing customers who come out to support our business.  When people come with their shopping lists, we get to help find all those special gifts. We can help our customers find items that the recipients will treasure for years to come.

sbs 2015

For our customers, it’s a chance to make a difference in the community.  When you support a small, independent business, you are not changing how high a stock opens or closes on the market, or how the year end portfolio looks.  When you support a small, independent business, you are helping your neighbor or your friend who had a vision and put in the sweat equity to bring that vision to light.   You are helping a business that might be the life dream of the owner, or maybe is the hobby turned career.

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So why Small Business Saturday?  It’s one day for everyone to make a conscious effort to go out and find something new, and support the shops that support the community.  Whether your are shopping at your favorite boutique, or eating at your favorite mom and pop restaurant, make sure that you are staying local and being a part of the difference.  While it only takes a little effort on each of our parts, it makes a huge impact on our local businesses who depend on your support.  Tomorrow is a great day to show you care.


How will we be celebrating Small Business Saturday?  With some customer appreciation sales, of course!  Businesses like Deep Creek Vintage depend on our customers to survive, and to show how thankful we are to be your neighborhood merchant, we will be offering special savings.  So come shop with us, and let us help you make it a one-of-a-kind Christmas.  Thank you for your support, and for making a big impact by shopping local.

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