Festive for fall

Have you noticed the air is a little brisker in the morning?  Fall is coming, and with it, cooler weather, changing leaves, pumpkins, and the smell of apples at the farmers markets.  Looking for some ways to bring fall inside and switch up your decor?  Not a problem!  We have lots of ideas that can help.

.         12030793_10155993580590307_1345292722_n                               12030742_10155993579005307_1074391651_n

Metal tones and florals are a great combination for fall decor.  Don’t worry about polishing them up, because patina and rust just add to the charm.  Look at this rusty bucket that now holds beautiful flowers.  The colors pop and shout, “Fall is here!”  My favorite, however, is the silverplate tea set that has been adorned with a fall leaf garland.  I would love to add this to my dining table as the centerpiece, or keep on the end of the buffet.

.      11998523_10155993578910307_520073177_n            11998177_10155993580455307_2140321792_n            12030852_10155993732540307_2023756319_n

Rethink the pumpkin!  One of our talented vendors has created these adorable little pumpkins with wood scraps.  This is one that will last for years to come.   Looking for something a little more rustic?  Perhaps the grapevine pumpkin is more your style.  Romantic?  The velvet pumpkin atop a pedestal adds that touch of class that even Cinderella’s carriage might be jealous of.  When thinking pumpkins, don’t limit yourself to the patch!

12042237_10155993580370307_669599293_n12023180_10155993580405307_214309793_n 12047267_10155993580095307_551565147_n

Do you just adore a fun gourd?  They are fun to decorate with, and we have a resident decorating fairy who has created some of the most charming displays that are ready for your home!  I bet you’ve never thought of putting a crow in your covered pie stand, but look how cute it looks in there!


Looking for more?  Well, that’s just a snippet of what we have in store!

12032379_10155993735480307_1795021607_n 12033651_10155993743005307_617989426_n  12041874_10155993735530307_2070838554_n

And if you are ready for finding a pumpkin that not only looks good, but will taste good, come stop in and visit our porch!  It’s turning into quite the pumpkin patch, and they are all available for purchase.  Take one home today and start your decorating here at the manor house.  We’re open seven days a week, and ready to help you fall in love with fall!

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