The Value of an Antique

Go into any major furniture store, and you’re likely to get sticker shock looking at the price of a new bedroom set.  Yes, these pieces are often offered at special sale prices, but they almost have to be for the average person to be able to consider purchasing them.  While there was a time that the cost of antique furniture and collectibles made them out of reach for all the economically privileged, they are now much more affordable and accessible for the average family.


When you look at the construction of a piece of furniture, there really is no comparison.  When given the choice between a piece constructed in an assembly line to look exactly like the hundreds made before it, or a handcrafted piece that has lasted 100 years and still has life left, I know which piece I would choose.  And if given the choice between a piece of furniture that comes in a box where I have to match A to B and nail in X1, Q2, and XG3, or a piece that might need a little love, I would much rather put my time into a older piece that just needs some TLC than one that needs 27 pages of instructions.

.                    11824208_10155796865495307_1474626520_n                                         11824187_10155796865825307_428288394_n

Well, what about the cost?  Many times there is no difference between a piece from the past and a comparable piece made today.  Sometimes the newer pieces are even more expensive.  Obviously there are going to be some antique pieces with intricate carvings that are imported from England or France that you might need to sell some organs on the black market to pay for.  But, these pieces are true works of art and you will not find modern pieces that can compare (or if you can, they will certainly cost just as much).

.                   11791815_10155796866045307_1479724270_n                                                     11823914_10155796866320307_450869137_n

Finally, we have the look.  Antiques are different, unique.  They tell a story.  You can look at them and imagine where they came from, the contents they once held, and the things they have seen.  They are more than just furniture; they are history.  Looking for something special that has stood the test of time?  Stop on in today.  Whether you like antique furniture that looks just as it did when it was first brought home 100 years ago, or pieces that have been given new life with a paintbrush, we would love to help you find your own piece of history.  Stop on in to the Manor House today to see all the unique pieces we have for you to choose from.  We’re open seven days a week!  Hope to see you soon at Deep Creek Vintage!

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