Out with the new, in with the old

It’s always makes me chuckle when I wander through home decor stores and find new items that are styled to look older.  Even they realize that there is something wonderful about the look of a vintage birdcage.  But for me, there is no substitute for the original.  The color of a Ball jar from 1910 is not the same as a Ball jar made in 2010, and an antique bottle with its hand-blown bubbles and raised label just holds more charm for me.  Decorating with true antiques and vintage finds is not only fun, but it’s a walk through history.  What type of items can you find here?  Well, let’s just take a look!

Too often dining rooms are simply rooms that lie vacant, waiting patiently for the next holiday to be filled with family, food, and festivities.  What about clearing the laundry off the table and creating a vignette instead?  Look at the one below, with assorted pieces that all come together to create something of beauty.  All of these components can be found at Deep Creek Vintage.  Let us do the work for you, and you can bring the entire setup home to place in the center of your table.  Instead of a place that gathers clutter, let your table become a stage for a collection of treasures.


Are you thinking beachy?  Maybe you realize summer will soon be over, but you want to keep the feeling going year round in your home.  Snow Creek Farm has the cottage beach house theme ready for you in her garden room.  Can you just hear the waves?

.                                                11805949_10155821290490307_682267017_n          11854037_10155821290620307_1803840995_n

I might be one of the only ones who just cannot jump on the electronic book bandwagon.  But for me, there is just something about actually holding a book, turning the pages, and the way that a book smells.  I love old books. They are beautiful.  The leather spines, the beautiful illustrations, the inscriptions of the original owner of the book all just add to the beauty.  Not only are they fun to collect, but they are wonderful things to decorate with.  Even if a book has gone past the time where it can be enjoyed for reading material, the pages are wonderful.


Working on a more manly room, or maybe a sports theme?  These boat oars would be wonderful hung on the wall, and the rackets could be used in so many different ways.  Antique sporting equipment is highly collectible, and we have quite an assortment here.  We even have old skis!


Perhaps you’re more a vintage collector than antique, looking for something for a retro kitchen look.  Grab a thermos or some soda memorabilia (or pop, depending on where you are from) and you are ready to go.  We might even have a fun apron or two!


And of course you can’t forget the birdcage!  We have an assortment.  Come on in and create your own vignette.  Let us know what you are hoping to create, and we would love to help you shop.  See you soon at the Manor House!


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