Not another antique shop

Have you ever traveled, and decided to go antiquing, but every store you encounter seems to be a replica of the one next to it, and all the booths inside seem to be filled with the same merchandise?  Disappointing, isn’t it?  It takes the thrill out of the hunt, the fun out of the find.  We’re pretty sure you will agree that Deep Creek Vintage isn’t your run-of-the-mill antique store.  But why?  Well, let’s look at some of the reasons that separate Deep Creek from your typical antique store and I’m sure that when we’re done, you’ll want to hop in your car and see for yourself.

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Behold the grand lady, the Manor House itself.  With the original structure of the house dating back to around 1785, the house on the hill welcomes you.  Many people come just to look around at the building we are housed in.  Part of the beauty and the mystery of the house is held in the fact that it is not in perfect condition.  Some of the exposed beams and cracking walls show the architecture of how she was originally built.  People love to guess as to why there are so many bathrooms, and why there are still numbers on so many rooms.  Do you know the history of this grand old house?

Once you move past the house that holds Deep Creek Vintage, you will see the treasure within.  No two vendors are alike, and we are nothing if not a truly diverse group.  If you are looking for truly opulent pieces, you will find them in Robert’s Antiques.  Several of his grand finds encompass entire walls, while his smaller pieces just stand apart with their scrolling curves, hidden drawers, and rich history.

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The Vintage Farmstead takes a more rustic look at antiques and vintage pieces, and walking into her space you are enveloped with warmth and memories of a simpler time.

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Snow Creek Farm creates garden visions that transport you into a magical space where you can believe fairies live.  If you are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere of peace and tranquility in any room, her beautiful items will be essential in your planning.

.                   11824187_10155796865825307_428288394_n                                  11824208_10155796865495307_1474626520_n

.                   11798326_10155796865650307_1408091429_n                                  11787256_10155796865210307_1074094521_n

Looking for a trunk that has been restored beautifully down the the last nail?  Second Tyme Shop should be your first stop.  With other beautiful antiques and finds, too, this room is full of treasures.

.                     11778127_10155796863900307_1090934847_n                                11823937_10155796863700307_143932129_n

If you are looking for the quintessential antique booth of trinkets and decor, Calene’s Closet will have what you are looking for.  Constantly changing, she has something for everyone.

.                       11777942_10155796863475307_271183091_n                          11805651_10155796863135307_37152776_n

Maybe painted furniture in bold colors is something that appeals to you. Shabby Chicken and Cate’s Boutique will be your destinations within the walls of Deep Creek.  These vendors are talented artists who take furniture from blah to bold.

.    11816056_10155796865950307_1807604536_n           11815604_10155796862980307_303130532_n             11780399_10155796862440307_245449243_n (1)

Chicken Salad and Pink Lemonade is one of the newest vendors to join the Deep Creek Vintage crew, and her space is full of eclectic pieces to make you smile, and treasures that both women and men will enjoy.

.       11778136_10155797150435307_640375721_n            11798448_10155797150925307_1636305351_n            11802022_10155797150505307_2040515246_n

Need something fun for your wall that has been handmade?  Reclaimed Rustique makes beautiful painted signs on barnwood and Gypsy Cargo turned traditional items into nontraditional letters to help spell your saying.

Now that your home looks good, does it smell good?  The Dragonfly Collection has incredible tarts for your warmer to make your home smell amazing, and bath bombs to help you relax at the end of a long day.


Looking for a gift for someone, or better yet, for yourself?  What about something sparkly?  Updating Yesterday takes components from the past and repurposes them into unique jewelry that can accessorize any look, and Greystone Place has bracelets to go with any outfit.

.     11824143_10155796864810307_156469367_n            11216109_459846940837389_1098358423_n            11815987_10155797058925307_281769979_n

And of course you can’t forget about the main rooms!  From beautiful furniture, both painted and natural, your traditional china and bottles to your rare urns and architectural salvage, we have things to interest everyone.

.     11721869_10155796866575307_495811720_n             11816026_10155796866210307_1402051894_n             11787429_10155796866470307_749597929_n

.                             11798197_10155796866905307_724111486_n                            11823914_10155796866320307_450869137_n

Whether you are shopping for a garden oasis, a traditional dining room, a prim kitchen, or any room you can think of, don’t forget to check out Deep Creek Vintage.  We also carry several lines of paint, painting accessories, and supplies. We promise to be more than your average antique store, and are open 7 days a week for your shopping convenience.  See you soon!

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