Cozy and comfy on a rainy day

The weather has been dreary again, with dark and rainy skies.  Days like this are a perfect time to cozy up with a hot cup of tea and a good book, a soft blanket, and just relax on the couch.  Luckily for you, we have everything you need to make this little comfort corner a reality.

Close your eyes and begin to envision your idea of comfort.  Is there a roaring fire going in the fireplace?  Are you curled up in a big, oversized chair, maybe cuddled up under a vintage crazy quilt?  I bet there’s a colorful rug in front of the fireplace, one of the soft handmade rag rugs you can picture from a lodge tucked away in the mountains.  Can you picture it yet?  If that room doesn’t exist in your home yet, but it needs to, we can help you create it.  From the mantle to the quilt, to the rug, this vision of warmth and comfort can all come together in your home.

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Not quite the roaring fire type of cozy and comfort person?  Maybe you’re the type who enjoys hearing the rain gently ping off the panes and watch the trees move in the wind through the window.  Even when it’s not quite sunny, you’re in the sunroom just enjoying the show.  Wouldn’t this wicker chaise be a great place to do it?  Cover yourself in a beautiful handmade coverlet and your are ready for a day of relaxing.  You could even use this cute little stool to balance the stack of books that can fill your day.  Come check out our garden room for other beautiful pieces that will help create the perfect room of peace and tranquility, and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

.                                 11358793_10155599274495307_1886065061_n                      11124408_10155599468115307_538347022_n

.        11354871_10155599281430307_1874212860_n       11350338_10155599274635307_194807618_n

If you’re like me, then you are one who loves nothing better at the end of a long day than to just soak in a hot bath and let all your worries, stresses, and cares just float away.  If this is you, then you will need to visit our resident soap-maker and creator of amazing bath treats.  The smells are intoxicating, and they are popular for a reason.


No matter how you choose to relax, we hope that we can help.  They do call it retail therapy for a reason.  Come visit us in the Manor House and let us help you turn your home into one that is not only beautiful, but one that you can truly unwind, put up your feet, and enjoy.  We’re open seven days a week for your shopping convenience, and can’t wait to see you soon!

*Don’t forget that our class schedule for June is up, so stop in today to sign up!  Advance reservations are required

Bring your Own Piece – June 17, 2-5pm
ABC’s of Chalk/Mineral Paint – June 13, 9-12       June 24, 6-9
Paint Couture! Collection Intro to Metallic Paints and Glazes – June 26, 12-4

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