Feeling cagey?

Look in any home decor store, and you are sure to find birdcages made to look older.  Why?  Well, first because they are adorable, and second because they are highly sought after.  Birdcages are extremely versatile in decorating, and luckily for you, we have a great selection of them right here at Deep Creek Vintage.

But what can you do with a birdcage?  Well, anything really.  Remember last week’s blog post where we showed you how to use a birdcage to display and store your beautiful china?  If not, you might want to revisit it here: Decorating with China .

Birdcages are very popular at weddings as part of the table decorations, but what about using them in a more creative way?  Instead of having a bag to collect cards, have guests slip them through the wires.  You could even do this in your home.  What a great way to organize something in a unique and beautiful way.  The bills might still be something your dread, but at least they will look nice!

Photo credit to digdigs.com

Birdcages don’t just have to be indoor decor; they can help spruce up your outdoor decor, as well.  Donna of Snow Creek Farm has done the work for you with these two beautiful birdcages with plants inside.  Perfect for a porch, or even in a sun room, these are great ways to add a vintage touch to your flowers.


Looking to create a vignette?  Bird cages can be great additions.  Whether your choose to leave the cage empty or fill it with treasures, bird cages can help you with varying the levels of your vignette, which is crucial.  What can you fill them with?  Anything you like!  Candles are popular, and so are nests.  They were originally made to hold birds after all.  Rolled music sheets can look beautiful, or go for the whole book!  Have some pretty bottles?  Keep them from butter fingers in a safe cage.  Here are some ideas that you can find right here at Deep Creek

.                11267124_10155494079935307_1984078420_n          11287412_10155494283795307_786891072_n    11125103_10155494362490307_878590380_n

Don’t want to just pick one thing?  It can be so much fun to create whole vignette inside your birdcage.  Here is one we created here using a few fun pieces.  No matter where you look, there is something to catch your eye, and you can switch it around as much as you like.

.       11123027_10155494389245307_131941047_n         11225907_10155494389615307_640644759_n

.               11251561_10155494389500307_1986646530_n                                              11263675_10155494389410307_792752091_n

Do you have to put anything in your cage?  No!  Birdcages are beautiful just the way they are!  And think of the fun you can have when visitors ask where your bird is.  You can look in the empty cage and act shocked that there is nothing there.  “Petey!  Where did that bird go?”

11225798_10155494080095307_720492028_n (1)

If you are drawn to the look of birdcages in home decor, don’t spend a fortune on ones that are made to look old.  Come to Deep Creek Vintage and find the real deal.  We can’t wait to see you soon at the Manor House!  Remember we’re open seven days a week, and located close to I-95.  See you soon!

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