Decorating With China

Families are busy.  Often they are on the run, driving children to practices, games, and events, sometimes just grabbing dinner on the go.  Weekends are often just as busy as midweek, and there are not as many big family dinners are there once were.  If families do have china, it doesn’t get used frequently, if at all.  So what do you do with your china?  If you are one of those families on the go, do you leave it boxed up?  Sell it?  Or enjoy it?  Well, you know what our answer is!

There are so many ways that china can be used in your everyday home.  Display it!  It was made beautiful for a reason.  Whether it is in a china cabinet or a hutch like shown here in this picture from the French Tangerine, china doesn’t have to just be on your dinner table.  Maybe you don’t have a set of china, but a collection of pieces that you have found throughout the years.  Maybe you have partial sets from several family members.  Whatever you have, display it with pride!  And, add to it when you find pieces that compliment it.


It doesn’t have to be displayed traditionally.  Have fun with it!  I love this picture from Ivy and Elephants using a birdcage to store china in an unconventional way.  Polly Want A Crafter creates an amazing focal wall with some beautiful bursts of color.  It’s amazing what you can do when you just start playing around with how you display things.

.             ivyandelephants             pollywantacrafter

Are you more a repurposer?  Well, china can be great for that as well.  From bird feeders to tiered trays, the possibilities are endless.  Look at these great coat hooks that Stone Gable shows on their blog!  Have some pieces that might have met their end when someone with butter fingers grabbed them?  Over the Big Moon shows how even they can be brought back to life in fabulous paving stones.

.             stonegable          garden-stone8_thumb

Maybe you want to use china the way it was originally intended.  Do it!  Your meal doesn’t have to be four courses with all your distant relatives warrant to pulling out your prettiest plates.  Use them!  Enjoy them!  Many people enjoy having mismatched china for a fun and quirky look.  One perk about this?  If a plate breaks, you don’t have to panic and replace the whole set.

Have we given you some ideas?  Well, we can give you the china, too!  We have so many beautiful pieces that would look great in your home whether you choose to use them for your meals or display them for all to see!  Come on in today, and find a piece that speaks to you.  Here is just a little glimpse at some of the selection you will find.

.        11212249_10155471702160307_1650375653_n        11216148_10155471716460307_1269197585_n

.         11245377_10155471702730307_666059709_n        11245450_10155471704675307_1905837929_n

.         11251428_10155471702360307_1636827095_n       11251419_10155471702575307_1448864942_n

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