Show Mom You Care

According to the old saying, April showers bring May flowers.  With as many rainy days as we had, May should be one of the most beautiful months with new blooms everywhere!  And we all know that one of the most important days is in May – Mother’s Day!  Of course, as a mother, I may be a little biased.  Are you stumped thinking of something unique to show your mom or another special maternal figure in your life just how much she means to you?  Well, we may be able to help with that!

No two moms are like, that’s one thing we can be certain of.  And not all moms are like June Cleaver.  Is your mom more likely to be found out in the garden with muddy boots, shovels, and rakes?  Then our porch might be the perfect place to shop!  We have tons of great vintage finds to decorate your yard and add that special touch.  Bird feeders, statues, planters, and more can be found before you even hit our front door!

.          11198766_10155450943945307_1581587533_n              11119313_10155450944615307_710965774_n (1)

Is your mom more the type to curl up with a good book?  Why opt for a kindle when you can have a beautiful antique novel, full of charm!  Add to her library with a collectible that she will treasure.

.           11180148_459846847504065_1619686697_n                11198850_10155450897160307_1855802042_n

Perhaps your mother is one who thoroughly enjoys a spot a tea.  We have some truly beautiful teacup and saucer sets that would make wonderful gifts.  Stop here, then at a local market for a fresh blend and your gift is complete!

.          11180245_459847067504043_1811810863_n                11185814_10155450897315307_1952342049_n

Is your mom one who loves fashion and pieces that are truly unique?  What about a piece of handcrafted jewelry?  Whether it’s a stamped piece that jumps out and reminds you of your mom, or a piece that you just think she would like, it’s always nice when you can give her something different and one-of-a-kind.

.         11208807_459847027504047_764995832_n                  11216109_459846940837389_1098358423_n

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t something physical, but an experience that we can give.  What about giving your mom the chance to try something new?  We offer classes that are perfect for those who have never attempted furniture painting before, as well as specialty classes to help those who are just looking to up their skill levels and learn new techniques.  What could make it better?  Sign up together and make it an afternoon or evening of bonding and fun!

.           11210118_459846824170734_693029493_n               AG2-1024x680

These are just a few ideas, but certainly the list goes on and on. From handmade soaps to beautiful vanities, we have a great selection that will help you find a gift for even the most selective of mothers.  Before you hit the mall to buy your mother yet another sweater, come to Deep Creek Vintage to get a gift that is just as unique as the woman who raised you.  Hope to see you soon at the Manor House!  Remember we’re open seven days a week for your shopping convenience.

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