Starting with a blank canvas

Some people prefer to write notes in pencil, others with a ballpoint pen. Anyone still a fan of writing with a quill and ink bottle?  The end goal is the same, but different tools and materials are used to attain it.  The same is true with paint.  It comes down to a matter of preference.  What do you want the finished piece to look like?  What are you starting from?  What is your level of experience?  And what is important to you when choosing your products?  For these reasons, and many others, Deep Creek Vintage knows that there is no “one product fits all” when it comes to paint.  And why we choose to offer several different lines and products so that no matter what you are looking for in your products when you are painting a piece of furniture, you can find it here.


American Paint Company features clay, chalk, and mineral based paint that is all natural, eco-friendly, and solvent free. A favorite paint of both beginners and experts alike, people love that this paint is completely free of fumes so it is safe to use anywhere.  It is also a paint that can be applied in many different ways to give your project any number of finishes and textures from sleek and modern to old world European.


Real Milk Paint Company paint is a popular choice for those who like a chippy finish.  It is easy to use  and environmentally friendly.  Made from 100% organic material, is also free of harmful fumes. This particular brand is longer lasting than other milk paint products. After being mixed, Real Milk Paint can be used for at least two weeks, compared to a day, which is the normal lifespan of many other milk paints.


General Finishes paints are popular for those people looking for bright, bold colors. This is a product that requires little prep and finish.  If a piece is not going in a high traffic area, often the paint is sufficient without a sealent.  If a topcoat is desired, theirs is wonderful.  Another highlight of this product is the gel stains, which are great for refinishing products.  They bring out the beauty of a wood finish.


Faux Real Paint is an all natural mineral paint with a built-in primer.  It is also free from solvents and eco-friendly. It is a liquid mineral paint with a soft, velvet appearance.  Often one coat of this paint is sufficient to completely cover a piece. The colors are rich and reminiscent of the old world. This product is new to the market, and we are happy to be one of the first vendors.


Paint Couture is a line that we are excited to be introducing soon at Deep Creek Vintage!  A low VOC, water-based 100% acrylic resin paint, Paint Couture is great for high traffic/high use pieces because of the resin.  It contains a self primer, so little prep is required.  This is a great paint for beginners and experts alike.  Clean up is easy with just soap and water. Paint Couture also has a variety of affordable accompanying products to finish your pieces, like glazes, lacquers, metallic paints, guilding waxes, and glitters.


When you have a piece to paint, and you don’t know where to begin, come to Deep Creek to see all the lines we have available.  From paints and glazes to brushes and more, we have everything you need.  Come soon to take advantage of our big paint sale!  Don’t forget the manor house is open daily.  Can’t wait to see you soon at Deep Creek Vintage!

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