Quirky or cute, unique and fun

Everyone knows that no two people are the same.  One fun thing that makes us all unique is our interests.  We see this here in the arena of collectibles.  People often come to Deep Creek Vintage with a mission in mind.  I love asking, “What are you on the hunt for today?”

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People collect lots of different things, from the most common to the most obscure.  It’s nice when people can not only tell you what they collect, but why they collect it.  Often there is a story behind it.  Maybe it’s a grandmother who used to have a specific type of pyrex and now a woman collects it to remember sitting down with grandma in the kitchen.  Maybe it’s coins because a man inherited his grandfather’s penny collection and decided to keep it going.  Sometimes someone just finds something that they find humorous, and it sticks with them.  We love to hear the stories of how a collection started, and we love the excitement when someone finds a piece to add to it here.

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One thing that we find many people love to collect are vintage linens and doilies.  Our vendors work hard to make sure we always have a good stock, so if you are one who is a lover of vintage lace, we are ready for you.  This is also great for crafters who are looking for older pieces to reuse in projects.

11093516_10155367496765307_33726479_n         11139814_10155367584200307_1900597244_n

Are you interested in more manly collectibles?  We have those, as well!  From bottles to oil cans, razors to cuff links, men can find plenty of interested in our cases and on our shelves.

11145976_10155367496195307_1741595514_n   11131811_10155367495955307_1419152319_n


11139852_10155367497190307_1496887838_n    11139773_10155367496925307_1528511143_n

While this is just a small sampling, the list certainly doesn’t end here.  No matter what you are looking for, come see if we have it.  And if we don’t, leave us a note and we will put it on our list so that we can keep our eyes out!  We certainly love a challenge!  With each room in the manor house full, we have plenty to choose from.  Maybe you can even start a new collection!  Remember we are open seven days a week.  Can’t wait to see you soon and learn all about what you are on the hunt for today!

11081782_10155367497400307_1274999772_n         11127464_10155367501215307_1598684122_n

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