My Calendar Says Spring…

Was anyone else excited that the winter weather they predicted earlier in the week was rained out?  While I certainly am never one to say, “Yay, rain!” in this case I was almost doing cartwheels.  According to my calendar, spring is beginning today.  And I have decided to stick with the schedule.  While outside it may be grey, wet, and bleak, in my mind I am looking ahead to sunshine, rainbows, and warm, beautiful days.  Who is with me?

What are some things you do to decorate for spring?  I love mason jars, especially the old blue jars.  Whether you choose to create a display of varying sizes, or take off the lids and place in a few colorful flowers, there is something so pretty about watching the sun pick up the colors of the jars.


Another spring favorite?  Nests!  I love birds.  I think they are beautiful to watch, often beautiful to listen to (as long as it is not too early in the morning), and there is nothing sweeter than being able to watch the progression during the spring as eggs hatch and the cutest baby birds eventually learn to test their wings and fly.  But let’s be honest.  If these beautiful birds decide to build their nests on your front porch, they often leave a less than beautiful mess behind.  Maybe that’s why I like decorating with created nests.  It reminds me of the beauty without any of the mess.  One of our amazing vendors, Donna of Snow Creek Farm, is famous for creating the most beautiful arrangements to fill her space, and in the spring many feature birds and nests.  I could bring home her entire space and be happy.  You will notice that many feature cloches, which are another great tool to use in decorating.  Donna isn’t the only vendor with creative and eye-catching spring decor, so come by and see them for yourself!  We even have some nice cloches if you would like to try your hand at creating the arrangements yourself.

11020444_440535296101887_1457620352_n 11039918_440535092768574_1039108766_n 11041318_440534972768586_54189433_n 11056940_440535012768582_1321646579_n   11073506_440535059435244_1894591594_n 11074693_440535209435229_811283836_n 11084551_440534926101924_1931838966_n 11073439_440534752768608_256595232_n11072360_440534816101935_1492953229_n

Still looking for the spring decorating idea that jumps out at you as being exactly what you are looking for?  Maybe you are someone who looks forward to spring because of all the beautiful flowers that are in bloom.  Maybe it’s not even fresh flowers, but it’s just the look of flowers that you love, and to you a silk flower is just as beautiful.  Before you reach for the vase that you have used year after year, consider a different container.  Have you considered breaking out a piece of the silver place tea setting that you have kept in the china cabinet?  Or the water pitcher?  Maybe even consider using a piece of the china.  Do you have an old bowl and pitcher set that just sits collecting dust?  They can be beautiful when used as vases!  But don’t take my word for it; here are some examples:

 12583c97a485ff91b28d1af808b84ce3 still abloom  silver-coffee-potfresh-flower-arrangements-vases-mothers-day-gifts-ideas-1  6bf088aa70e268536ed9ced2780ed750 teapot10 tea-pot-with-flowers-vintage-wedding-flowers_thumb[6]

Feeling springy yet?  Have fun, be creative, and as always, come see us for a few new ideas on how to add a fun vintage touch to your home!  We are open seven days a week, and our vendors have brought in some great pieces to help give your home a pop of color, a touch of fun, and a beautiful spring touch!  Can’t wait to see you soon at the manor house!

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