Spring Forward to a Fresh New Look

Could it be?  Is warmer weather finally here?  I don’t know about you, but as soon as the first nice day was here, I threw open the doors and just let the fresh air in!  And although spring cleaning is often met with a groan from many, it’s always nice to just freshen things up, switch things around, and spring forward with some new projects around the house.

Have you thought about a room that you might want to switch up?  Maybe you’ve been putting it off because things have been hectic with the holidays, or because with the frigid winter you just wanted to hibernate.  Those are some of the excuses I have used!  Now that spring is coming, it’s a great time to start.  Look at the room like a painter would a blank canvas.  What is your dream for the room?  If you could start fresh, what would your room look like?  Is the purpose of the room different than it is now?  Maybe you’re changing a seldom used formal living room into a crafting room or a library.   Maybe your children are getting older and you can change your family room from child-friendly to something a little more rustic or medieval in style.  The spring is always a great time to start fresh!

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How will you start your planning?  Or better yet, your shopping?  A great way to shop is with your heart.  Instead of being a shopper who shops from a strictly practical perspective, look for pieces that speak to you aesthetically.  What jumps out and catches your eye?  What are the pieces that you will still be thinking about when you get home?  Which pieces have the feeling you are hoping to achieve?  Those are the pieces that you should consider.  Maybe they are not the pieces you would originally think you would be drawn to, or would like, but you found them for a reason.  If you keep thinking about them, and thinking that they need to be in your home, there is a reason for it.


Maybe you aren’t looking for a large piece, but an accent piece or just some decor.  Sometimes something small can make a big impact, especially when it is placed in the room in a place that makes it pop.  Color can do the same.  Adding a bright or bold color to a room speaks volumes.


Perhaps you have decided that all your room needs for a change is some paint!  Is furniture painting something you have always wanted to try?  We have products for everyone, and in a variety of colors and finishes!  What’s the best part of all?  Can you say SALE?  That’s right; right now we are having a big sale on paint!  Come check out all the latest and greatest, and give your home a makeover!  You might just find that painting is something you really enjoy, and with the warmer weather approaching, it’s a great time to grab a paintbrush and enjoy the sunshine while learning a new craft.


After all your shopping, have you found that the room turned out a little differently than you originally anticipated?  Sometimes that’s the best part!  You may have found a piece that you never would have pictured, but once you saw, you just couldn’t live without.  Maybe you realized halfway through that your original vision wasn’t exactly what you wanted.  No matter what happened, it’s always fun to switch things up, and keep switching things up.  The best thing about design is that you can change as much as you want.  It’s fun in that way!  You have to enjoy the process.  Our houses become homes because of the people who live in them.  We change all the time.  Why shouldn’t our homes?  Come on in today to be inspired for your next home transformation.  We can’t wait to see you and find out which room is next on your makeover list!


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