Baby It’s Cold Outside

Maybe it’s the chilly days that have me thinking more about my fireplace than normal, or maybe it’s looking at the beautiful old mantles that just arrived from a picking trip in North Carolina.  No matter the reason, the fireplace is one of my favorite design elements in a home.  It can quickly become the focal point of a room, can be decorated in so many ways, switched up in a matter of moments, and have such a big impact on a design.

Spring-Mantel-Decor-5_thumb Fall-and-Thanksgiving-Mantel-decorating-ideas-3_thumb

Here are two pictures of the same mantle, decorated very differently (find these and other great ideas at  This is a normal, builder’s grade mantle that you find in many modern homes today.  But, what makes it pop is the way it is decorated.  Mantles don’t just have to hold framed family photos.  Use splashes of color.  Play with height levels and don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors in with greenery.  Want a rustic look?  Use an old door or window.  Add some galvanized metals.  Have lots of blank space above your mantle?  Consider a large piece of art or a mirror.  Switch your decor with your mood, your theme, or the seasons.  It’s easy to go from formal to funky, rustic to elegant, farmhouse to French country.

11015353_10155204746540307_1226896278_n11005693_10155204746655307_236156165_n 11007621_10155204746380307_825231210_n (1)   11023017_10155204746580307_1999601709_n

Mantles are great places to display your collections and repurpose some as well.  Silverplate and china pitchers look charming when filled with fresh greens and flowers, and platters can be staged as beautiful backdrops.  Think of layering your looks to add depth and more visual interest.


Certainly when you are living in an older home with an antique mantle, the charm is already built in.  However, if you are not happy with the mantle in the home you have, you can change it.  If you are looking for a more rustic look, add a large distressed beam above your preexisting mantle.  Looking for an antique mantle?  Well, we just got two in!  Occasionally you will be able to find gorgeous mantles that have been lovingly salvaged.  They do not tend to last long before they find new homes, so if you find one you love, grab it quickly!  No fireplace?  Create the look of one!

10984885_10155204746470307_629432903_n11039375_10155204746235307_1329946430_n (1) 11014772_10155204746290307_733085400_n

When it’s cold outside and you’re cuddled by the fire, make sure that your fireplace is a place that stands out for more than the blaze it holds!  Need help decorating?  Stop in today!  We’re open seven days a week and would love to help your create a mantle that’s worth showing off every season of the year!

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