How many different ways can you use a piece?

It’s always fun to look at using a piece of furniture in a new way, perhaps a way that’s a little more unconventional.  Take a china cabinet, for example.  Many people no longer keep a formal set of china, and as a result, china cabinets are being used in different ways around the home.  These are great pieces because they can be found in so many different styles, from more traditional breakfronts to more elaborate French provincial china cabinets.  When you change the placement in your house, you change the whole look of a room.  The possibilities are endless, but let’s look at a few of my favorites.

If you are a lady who loves her shoes, you will agree that they should be on display!  Not only will storing them in a china cabinet showcase them beautifully, but it will also keep them organized while keeping the dust off.  Turn your room into a boutique and show off your collection!


Maybe you’re not a shoe collector, but you do have a collection of other sorts.  Use your china cabinet.  Books, bottles, shrunken heads (hey, I’m not judging).  Protect the things you love while showcasing them for you and others to enjoy.  This is certainly a more traditional use of a china cabinet, and one that appeals to many for obvious reasons.


Are you a crafter?  Addicted to Pinterest and accumulate more supplies than you would like to admit?  Maybe you sew or have another hobby or job that requires you to have lots of supplies that often tend to take over in your home.  China cabinets can be great ways to stylishly keep all your supplies organized out of the way.  Here are two examples that show how perfectly they can work.

chinacraft chinafabric

China cabinets can make great linen closets, too.  Here are two pictures that I love, one showing quilt storage, the other a china cabinet with the doors removed being used to store towels and such in a bathroom.  Two different looks, but both perfect in their own ways


I saved the cutest for last.  I think by now almost everyone has seen the picture of the the old tv cabinet transformed to hold dress-up clothes. How much sweeter are the china cabinets which are now armoires for precious little baby girls?  Imagine the nurseries that could be created around these pieces!


While it may be called a china cabinet, it doesn’t have to hold just china, and it doesn’t have to stay in the dining room  Whether you place the cabinet in the foyer, a study, the family room, or even your bedroom, put in the things you cherish inside and let your creativity run wild!  Replace the boring cabinetry in your home with a piece from the past that has character and function at the same time!  On the hunt for a piece to make one of these ideas happen if you home?  Come on in to Deep Creek Vintage today!

chinadc chinadcv chinadonna chinadvc2

Hope to see you soon!  Don’t forget that Deep Creek Vintage is now residing entirely in the Manor House, which is open seven days a week for your shopping convenience.  Come find even more treasures waiting for you!

*images found via Pinterest

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