Rub a dub dub, switch up your tub

Redoing a room in your home?  Have fun with it!  Don’t limit yourself to items that you can find in any home improvement store, but think beyond the aisles to things that appeal to you.  Take your bathroom, for example.  It used to be that if you were remodeling your bathroom, you would pick out whether you wanted your sink and tub to be white or bone (or if it was even further back, maybe avocado, yellow or blue – and if they are still that color, you might be considering a remodel).  Your floor could be ceramic tile or laminate, and your fixtures were brass or chrome.   There was not much of a difference from one bathroom to another, and honestly they were not made to feel luxurious or interesting, but were all rather boring and standard.  Now, the bathroom is often a place where people can have fun with their design choices and really think outside the box.


Sinks are a good place to start because there are so many possibilities.  Galvanized tubs are so popular right now, and can make amazing sink basins.  Just look at these for example.  In a picture from, a galvanized tub is added to a otherwise modern bathroom to show how a little change can make a big impact.  Indulgy shows how a farm table completely changes the look of a galvanized tub to make the bathroom look completely rustic.  The same element can be used to achieve two drastically different looks, both full of character.

191954.507898 indulgy

Galvanized tubs aren’t the only things that can make great sinks.  Think about what your sink is going to sit on. Treadle bases from antique sewing machines have gained so much popularity, especially in tight quarters.  Have a large area?  Look at the picture of what can be done with two!

treadle treadlebase

And of course antique dressers would be perfect in a bathroom!  Washstands, too!  Add a beautiful vanity where you have an empty space to have a gorgeous place to powder your face.


Don’t just think of the space in front of you when thinking about your bath space.  Think up!  How will you light it?  Are you the type who likes to soak in the tub with a good novel?  Then make it a place that you can truly relax and feel as if you are in the lap of luxury.  Think decadence with a crystal chandelier.  Maybe you are going for a rustic look.  Mason jar lights are perfect!  No matter what look you are trying to achieve, factor your lighting to the equation and take a risk.

Adorable-Traditional-Bathroom-Design-with-Shiny-Glass-Chandelier-and-Several-Dark-Brown-Colored-Cabinets-which-are-Made-from-Wooden-Material bathroom-hanging-jars

Love the idea of changing your bathroom vanity, but worried about storage?  There are so many ways to be adventurous with that, too!  Crates, jars, baskets, and even suitcases can be revamped to hold your supplies and make the most of your space.  Here are just a few ideas from Pinterest to get you started!

4c9379a082a4f07573e400bcee17669d creative-bathroom-storage-diy-2 suitcase_bathroom_houselogic.com_023e916993aa381567f4c1e04678c432 bd0c8267d8519daefbdce8505e9d81b0 e05d54898574ef5c76d9fdf06b45a5d1mason-jar-wall-organizer-1-500x233

One of the most fun things about starting a project like this is the shopping!  At Deep Creek Vintage, we’d be more than happy to help you bring your vision to life!  We have lots of great pieces to help your revamp your bathroom.  Looking for a great sink base?  We have you covered.  Creative storage that is functional, too?  Yes and yes!  Lighting that will make illuminate your room with style?  Not a problem!  Come in today with your shopping list.  Can’t wait to see you!  Don’t forget the Manor House is open seven days a week, and full of fun pieces to give your home a fresh new look using pieces from the past.

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