Make New Friends, but Keep the Old…

It’s not just a Girl Scout song.  One thing that you will see popping up again and again in home design and decor is a blending of old and new.  While certainly it has always been common to pass down the family china cabinet, or even the china, now it is the juxtaposition of old and new that people love to highlight.  Maybe it’s a clawfoot tub in an industrial loft.  Maybe it’s an ornate antique chair in a highly contemporary home.  Whatever the element, it’s a huge contrast that is established to make people stand back and take notice.

83d2cd69ef502fcb358dc4bc45496f0b Quirky-home-office

Mixing old and new doesn’t have to be so cut and dry.  It’s easy to mix modern with medieval, antique with contemporary and comfortable.  It’s all about creating a blend that works for you.  Choose pieces that you like and that catch your eye.  Maybe you decide to work with a color story.Find lighting that is bright or daring.  Maybe create a focal wall of antique mirrors or frames.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk.

6432e90b35f75a3726a710f689a1940b Modern-and-Traditional-Interiorsvintage-inspired-photo-wall

Collect something that means something to you, or just something that you find visually interesting or appealing.  Bookcases don’t just have to hold books.  Incorporate your collections or fun pieces.  Use them as bookends.

interior-design-ideas-living-room-traditional-decorating-4bookshelves coco rocha in vogueAntique-Bookcase

Have fun with your design!  Remember to use pieces that you like, not just pieces that you think “should” go together.  Sometimes just adding a little mirror or a little accent piece can make a big difference.  You are creating a home, so it should be where you feel comfortable and feel happy.  Don’t worry about what others think about your choices.  Move things around, switch them up, and find a mix that feels just right.

Living-Room-of-Toma-Clark-Haines-The-Antiques-Diva  vintage-living-r-x

Need to feel inspired?  Come on in to Deep Creek Vintage to check out all our furniture, accent pieces, and lighting.  From Victorian to industrial, country and primitive to shabby chic and frilly, we have pieces that will help you create the look you are going for.  We can’t wait to see you and help you create a home that is the perfect blend for you!

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