Sometimes a Loss Can Be a Gain

In two days, the doors of the Marketplace will close for the last time.  Many of our customers have asked if we are sad about it’s closing.  It’s hard to give a straight yes or no answer to this.  When we opened the marketplace, we were hopeful for the idea of what it could be.  We put so much time into the dreams of the building.  We were able to welcome so many wonderful new vendors into the Deep Creek family, and introduce Market Days.  The addition of a larger studio allowed us to open up larger classes and offer new and exciting new products.  These are things that of course we feel a sadness about when we see the market closing because of the wonderful memories the marketplace holds.  However, for us it is not the ending of the book but the beginning of a new chapter.


One thing that we have learned is that sometimes a loss can be a gain.  While the marketplace closing can be seen as the loss of a building, we will no longer be consumed with the problems of the building and will have more time to concentrate on the Manor House.  Unfortunately in the last few months, the marketplace has often consumed more than it’s fair share of time, while the Manor sat waiting patiently for its turn.  Now it is ready for us to look at it again with a fresh set of eyes.  As we bring vendors into the house from the marketplace, the house will be given a fresh new look.  Sometimes even just switching things around a little bit makes a world of difference.  The Manor House is the most amazing building, and now we will have the time and energy to let this building shine.  We at Deep Creek see nothing but bright days for the Manor as we reinvigorate it and fill the rooms with new vendors, fresh pieces, and switch things up.

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We know that the last several weeks things have been in a state of transition at the Manor House and marketplace, and we are so thankful to all our customers for their patience during this time.  Vendors are busy switching their booths, moving to the house, and many are running amazing sales so they will have to box up as little as possible from the market.  Some of the vendors will not be continuing on with Deep Creek as we combine our spaces.  In the antique and vintage business, this is something that happens.  Often we must say goodbye to vendors for a multitude of reasons, some that often have nothing to do with business.  People move, people change their interests, and things happen in life that often make people reevaluate their situations.  Sometimes people find that a spot is just not right for them.  Whatever the reason is, we wish everyone well and hope that they will look back on their days at Deep Creek with warm memories.

We are looking forward to revealing a new Deep Creek Vintage to you over the next few weeks.  We look forward to the future, and all the promise it brings.  We hope you stop by to welcome the vendors to the Manor and check out their new spaces.  We are busy working on a new studio at the house to be able to keep offering the classes you love.  We can’t wait to be united under one roof.  Thank you for all you do, and can’t wait to see you at Deep Creek!

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