Switch It, Change It, Rearrange It


Well one way to make sure you stay warm when the temperatures drop is to move furniture!  In a little over a week, the doors of the Marketplace will be closing and we will be able to focus all our time, energy, and effort on the Manor House.  In the meantime, the we have been running around nonstop to make this change happen.  Vendors are moving in to the Manor, and we are clearing space to make sure we can fit everyone.  Luckily for us, this change is coming right after Christmas, and because of wonderful customers like you who chose to make Deep Creek Vintage part of your holiday shopping, we have the space to make this happen.


Many of you have asked, and yes, there will be a studio!  One thing we are working on is clearing out a room that was previously used for storing and sorting new pieces to be able to provide a studio in the house.  This room was the original kitchen of the house, so it has a working sink and will provide us a great space to create beautiful pieces.  Carpet is down, and the groundwork has been laid.  Pictures to come soon!

cropped-528408_390813251026547_156375607_n.jpgOne other question that many customers want know is, “Are there sales?”  Yes!  Many vendors currently have wonderful sales in their spaces, so now is a great time to shop!  While certainly not everything is on sale, you can find wonderful deals.  And many of our vendors always have prices so great, you don’t even need a sale.

We are changing things here, but we shouldn’t be the only ones!  The new year is a great time to switch around things in your home, too!  And Deep Creek is a great place to come for the pieces to make it happen.  Vendors are bringing in new things constantly, and switching around their spaces with pieces that just might add the perfect touch to your home.


We are excited about the future of Deep Creek Vintage.  While we are sad to say goodbye to the Marketplace, and know that many of our customers will miss it, we know that these changes are in the the best interest of Deep Creek Vintage, our vendors, and our customers.  We thank you for your support as we make the transition, and are excited to show you a new Deep Creek in the weeks to come.


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