Santa’s Sleigh


Santa may have a list that he checks twice, but sometimes what ends up in his sleigh is not exactly what we are hoping for.  You all know what I mean.  While it is certainly the thought that counts, we often find ourselves with a wide variety of things to bring to the next white elephant gift exchange.  Maybe it’s the ugly Christmas sweater that he doesn’t realize was intended for a theme party.  Perhaps it was Aunt Bertha’s fruitcake.  A fuzzy toilet lid cover?  Maybe Santa decided that the best thing of all would just be to give you an envelope of the green stuff so that you could pick out a present that you love!  If you find yourself opting to be your very best personal Santa, come on over and visit us.

Maybe you want something to hang on the wall, a little touch of elegance for years to come.  From small to grand, we have it all.

mirror painting

Looking for something for you?  Maybe you need to wrap yourself in warmth.  A vintage fur will certainly do the trick!  And you’ve been very nice this year, so get the dress and gloves, too.


Something for the home?  From ornate and elegant to painted perfection, we have pieces to fit every style and taste.

cabinet dining robertvanity

Hopefully Santa brings you exactly what you are looking for this holiday season, but if you are still searching, come shop with us!  Don’t forget we are open seven days a week from 10-5, and located right off Route 1, just a mile south of Cosner’s Corner.  Come visit us, and make sure you follow us on Facebook.  Happy Holidays, and hope to see you soon at Deep Creek Vintage!

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