Save room for pumpkin pie!

It’s almost time for the craziness of the holidays to begin.  In less than a week , we will be sitting down with our families, enjoying a Thanksgiving feast.  I, for one, am lucky that I do not have to cook. Or maybe my family is lucky that I do not have to cook, because while God may have gifted me with talents, cooking is not one of them.  Will you be cooking this year?  Or are you a lucky one like me who married into a family of cooks?  I still remember Thanksgiving as a child.  We used to go to my grandmother’s, and our main meal was eaten early in the day.  We ate so much that by dinner, no one was hungry.  Being a huge carb fan, my dinner meal consisted of some of the leftover mashed potatoes and gravy.  Now I couldn’t imagine just sitting down with nothing but mashed potatoes for dinner!

One thing that always amazes me about the holidays is how one day that is the same in history can be celebrated so differently by so many.  Some families dress to the nines, pull out the fine china, the polished silver, and sit down at a fully decorated table to a meal that looks as though it has been prepared by a professional chef.  Other families pull out the folding tables to make sure there is enough room for the growing families, form buffet lines on paper plates, and eat good home-cooking with no frills and lots of laughs.  Many other families meet somewhere in the middle.  The kids watch the Thanksgiving parade while the adults prepare the meal, and the football games frequently make and appearance on tv while they stay home with their immediate families and just have a special day with those closest to themBeautiful-thanksgiving-table-decorations-15  thanksgiving-dinner.

What does your Thanksgiving look like?  Are you part of a big family?  A small family?  Are you the cook or the guest?  What is your favorite dish?  I would love to hear about your holiday traditions!  And while many of your may be fueling up on Thanksgiving for the craziness of Black Friday, we hope that you won’t forget about us on Saturday.  November 29 is Small Business Saturday, and we would love to be one of the businesses you support.  You can make a big difference this holiday season by supporting your local businesses.  Be local, buy local.  And have a great Thanksgiving!

Thanks Y'all

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