Grandma Almost Got Run Over By a Reindeer!

She must have been at Deep Creek Vintage this past weekend during our Holiday Open House.  It wasn’t grandma’s fault, though, because it was a mad house of Christmas here!  We are so thankful to our loyal Deep Creek Vintage customers who were here to pack the house as soon as we opened the doors.  Well, technically they shopped the porch first.  But wouldn’t you?  We are so blessed to have a resident decorating fairy, Donna of Snow Creek Farm, who puts a little magic, a little love, and a lot of talent into arranging our outdoor areas into a beautiful place.

porch porch2 porch3

Inside was full of treasures, too, in both the Manor House and Marketplace!  Turquoise Talulah pulled out all the bells and whistles (and glitter) to create a winter wonderland in their marketplace space.  Wouldn’t you like to spend some time here?  Our customers certainly did!  It’s hard to remember that last year the Marketplace wasn’t even a part of Deep Creek Vintage.  We are so thrilled to be growing our family to include so many wonderful vendors.


The house was a buzz with excitement, with a huge variety of treasures to be found.  From  sparking tinsel trees to a wind-up vintage Santa, there was no telling what would come to the register next.  That was part of the fun!  Many customers took advantage of our vendors’ sales, and many larger furniture pieces found new homes as well.


We heard a lot of people making their lists during the open house, and dropping subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints to their significant others.  It seems like some took notice, because we had a lot of customers return on Sunday with notes.  It’s always nice when you know you have already finished shopping for a special someone on your list.  It’s even nicer when you know their gifts are one-of-a-kind and exactly what they want!

We are so grateful to all our customers who made Deep Creek Vintage a part of their weekend and helped support our Holiday Open House.  Our holidays are always a lot sweeter because of wonderful customers like you!  We are definitely in the holiday spirit, and the vendors have been making sure they bring in new pieces to fill their spaces back up.  In fact, I am needed to help carry in a piece right now!  Hope to see you soon so that we can help you with your holiday decorating, your holiday shopping, and just so that we can say thank you for shopping local and supporting Deep Creek Vintage.

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