Getting into the holiday frame of mind

It’s hard to believe how quickly this year is flying by!   Maybe it was because the winter was so long.  The summer seemed to fly by.  Didn’t school just start?!  No matter the reason, it is already time to start preparing for the holidays at Deep Creek.  Halloween is just days away, and our Holiday Open House is only a week and a half from now.  Today we began to put away pumpkins and plan the decor.  With so many rooms and spaces, we want to make sure each one is charming and unique.  Some of our vendors have already started bringing in their holiday decor.  I spied a few boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments and other vintage Christmas fun in one of the upstairs rooms.


One of my favorite parts about the holidays is watching what people are drawn to during their holiday shopping.  Is it a wooden sled that reminds him of one he had when he was a child?  Or the upcycled wreath made from vintage pink and silver ornaments that she knows would look great on her front door, no matter what her husband says?  Maybe it’s the white antique ice skate with greenery tucked inside that says classic Christmas to everyone.    No matter what our customers find within the walls of Deep Creek, we love seeing the excitement on their faces when they find exactly what they were hoping for.  Decorating the house is part of the fun, but it’s our customers who really bring the joy for us.


Make sure you mark your calendars for our Holiday Open House next weekend!  We will be open 10-5 on Saturday, the 8th and 11-4 on Sunday the 9th.  We can’t wait to see all our loyal customers, and hopefully meet some new faces, too!  Tis the season to visit Deep Creek!

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