A Rolling Stone Will Gather No Moss

And Deep Creek is rolling!  It seems like every day something new is going on in the Manor House or the marketplace.  Have you stopped in lately?  If not, you haven’t seen the amazing new changes that have happened in the sun room of the Manor! While the sun room is an amazing addition to the house, we know that it presents some challenges for some of our customers and we want to make sure that everyone at Deep Creek is able to shop comfortably and safely.  So, we have installed something that many of you have asked for:


We wanted to make sure that everyone had access into the sun room to experience the magic that Snow Creek Farm had created.  There is also a fence post wall, too.  Doesn’t it look great?

sun2 sun3 sun4

One other thing you might notice is this room is now a painted haven!  If you haven’t seen it lately, you will love the changes.  But I would recommend coming in quickly if you see a “must-have” piece because they are not lasting long!

There are plenty of changes in the marketplace, too, and I would love to show you pictures…but they will have to wait because new vendors are moving in as we speak!!!!  This weekend is a great time to stop in to see all that is new and fresh.  Don’t forget the vendors that you have grown to love, because they have been bringing in new pieces and switching up their spaces, too.  There are always treasures to be found at Deep Creek Vintage!  Hope to see you soon!

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