Merging Styles

Many times we have customers come in, and when we ask the question of “Are you looking for something in particular,” the customers look at each other first.  Generally what we we hear next is that they are in disagreement over what style would look best.  He likes clean lines and natural wood, she prefers painted and ornate.  Sometimes it’s the opposite.  One thing that helps is understanding how easy it is to mix styles in decorating to get a look that everyone can enjoy.


These three images from HGTV feature a very eclectic room that blends a variety of styles.  While this might not be your cup of tea, it illustrates how several styles can be married to create a look that is truly unique.  From Greek figural sculptures to Moroccan style floor seats, there is a lot of European style combined with beautiful antique pieces and true handcrafted artisan works of art.  Modern art on the walls pulls the whole look together for something that is truly unforgettable.


Your home doesn’t need to look like it belongs in a magazine to have a blending of styles.  This photograph from Restoration Hardware shows a farm table with a beautiful base paired with painted and reupholsted chairs for a look that is very trendy.  The light above the table is a very modern style, as are the shelving units behind, which demonstrate very clean lines and the contrast between the storage and the table make the look truly pop.


This photo from LilyPadCottage shows how painted furniture can blend with leather pieces, which many consider to be a more manly style.  The accessories are great, and really take this look up a notch.  With a comfortable couch and pillows of mixed prints, it is a look everyone will love!

These are just a few quick examples of mixed styles, but we would love to show you how easy it is to mix up the pieces you already have in your home with a piece you love at Deep Creek Vintage!  Come in today and give your home a little update!

Photos/Images used are credited to MacCaul Turner Design and Matthew MacCaul Turner, and photographed by David Duncan Livingston.

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