Introducing the new American Home limited edition collection by American Paint Company

The healthiest paint company around is introducing the new American Home Collection. It will consist of 12 new trend colors and will be sold in pint cans along with sample sizes of each color. These lovelies by American Paint Company will be available early November here at Deep Creek Vintage. Can’t wait to sink my brush into these new, on trend colors.

APC american Home collection

Say hello to
Backyard Pond – a medium blue green
Chenille Bedspread – a medium purple gray
Country Barn – a deep barn red
Front Lawn – a classic Kelly green
Lace Doily – a warm tan
Powder Room – a medium warm pink
Rose Garden – a pinky red
Shag Carpet – an autumn orange
Shingle on the Roof – a dark umber brown
Tarnished Platter – a medium gray blue
Topiary – a medium sage green
Vintage Velvet – a mustard yellow

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