Market Days at Deep Creek Vintage!

When people heard we were having Market Days at Deep Creek Vintage, they were excited!  When they heard where we were having Market Days they were scared….  The space was raw.  Very raw.  This is what it looked like before…..


But we had a vision of what it could be.  And it came out even better.  At Deep Creek, we are a small group, and we all work together well.  We really like the camaraderie that we have, and the diversity that we have.  The manor house is wonderful because each room is distinct with the style of each vendor. The market was wonderful because each vendor was able to add his or her own personal touch.  Instead of arranging the market with a “Tattered Elegance” section and a “Snow Creek” section, we all contributed to create vignettes of cozy traditional living rooms, traditional dining rooms, boho lounges, and shabby chic Victorian bedrooms.  Our styles blended and flowed, and each space was a fun infusion showing our customers how to make all the styles work well together.

marketfeb4marketfeb5marketfebmarketfeb6 marketfeb2 marketfeb3

While our customers were a little hesitant to walk through the door, the second they saw that was waiting for them, the “oohs” and “aahs” began.  We were overwhelmed at how many customers came out!  We heard time and time again that Market Days is an event Fredericksburg has been in need of, and we could not agree more!  We hope to be able to continue to hold events like this in the future, and the space will continue to transform, so stay tuned for more news as we continue to grow!  Thank you all, and we can’t wait for next month!

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